Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ITBS Day 1 report

We started our annual ITBS testing today. It wasn't supposed to be annual. The laws of our state only require it every 3 years starting at the end of 3rd grade. But about a month ago, Austin asked if we were going to do that "Iowa thing" again and Riley begged to be included this time. So I figured what the heck... it'll be good practice!

I decided to spread out the testing over more days this year. Last year, we did all of Austin's testing in 3 sessions. This year, with Riley's testing having to be given separately, I didn't think I could get it all done in 3 sessions. I was correct. Riley's takes a painfully long amount of time because of the reading I have to do for the questions. Next year, she'll take the test that's in the same format as Austin, and I can test them together.

So we did 2 sections today, and it went smoothly. It appears Austin will do about as well as he did last year, which is not very well. He is positive about it though, and I guess that counts for alot. So far he has done the vocabulary and reading comprehension sections, which he struggles with daily anyway. He has another reading comp. section to do in our next session. I'm not quite sure how to handle knowing how he does on standardized testing. I don't think it's a lack of test-taking skills. Some of the words I thought he should know, he didn't. And yet he surprised me with a couple of words that I didn't realize he knew! I guess I'll wait until his results are in and see if he at about the same level as his last testing, and decide if I need to do anything differently.

I glanced over Riley's test and she's doing very well. She missed one question because she wasn't paying attention and I couldn't read it again, and then she missed one that I know she knows. That's always so frustrating! LOL But she's overall doing as well as I expected her to do, so far.

We'll be testing every preschool day in April, except for next Tuesday when I'll be at the RDI Parent Training. Mom will be here to take care of the children, and she is planning to scrapbook with Riley. :)

I'll keep updates coming for the ITBS testing!

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