Thursday, April 26, 2007

Field trip troubles

It's been a week to remember at the Black Pearl Academy! We've been on 3 field trips since last Friday! I can't remember a busier week! We've been to the zoo and the aquarium, last week we did the animal refuge place. This week we've also had preschool, finished our testing, done ballet for both girls, played a baseball game, gone to AWANA, had muffins with mom at preschool, celebrated finishing the ITBS at IHOP, and also managed to get a little school work done!

But the field trips were complete trouble! I decided that we were going to finally see the baby Panda at the zoo awake, by going in the morning. We left early and got to the zoo at 10:30. Little did I know, but to see the baby panda we have seen 3 times already, you now must have a timed ticket. You can BUY one of these online. Or you can pick up a first-available ticket for free. When we arrived at 10:30, the first available was 2:15. UGH. We went to have lunch with daddy at work, and came back. But lo and behold, baby Mei Lan was.... asleep. We did get to see her face at least. We will try again in May.
We did get to see something we've never seen before. An elephant was getting her pads of her feet cleaned out! That was very interesting! The kids asked alot about how they can tell if she is angry or happy!
Because everyone was so good and didn't get freaked out over the change in plans... before we left to go home (6 hours after we had left home for this 'quick' trip to the zoo), I bought them frozen treats! I am a good mom! ;)
So then Tuesday evening, I read online that the zebra sharks at the aquarium have had babies. It was a neat article with children giving their impressions of the babies. So I decide we're gonna haul down to the aquarium and see these little fellas. When everyone woke up on Wednesday, I announced the change in plans! We got down to the aquarium a little after 10:30, and upon arriving, immediately asked where we could see the little guys.

Guess what? We CAN'T see them. They are in a special area that is only accessible by the school groups and behind the scenes tour groups. GRRRRRRR. I tried to convince the docent that we were, in fact, a school group! ;) She didn't buy it! Again, all of my children were very cool about the entire thing. We decided to check out our favorite animals and take time to do some sketches for our nature notebooks. Even Austin sketched for the first time without freaking out over his drawing skill (or lack thereof)!

I also got to see all 4 of the Beluga Whales in the tank at the same time! I'm not sure if you can see it below very well, but it was so amazing! I could sit and watch these creatures allll the time!

So, it wasn't a perfect week, but it was fun and exciting! We got some school work done, since we were in the car quite a bit! But mostly we were out socializing, getting alot of new science knowledge, and learning that it's most important to CALL before we hop in the car for a field trip! LOL

This picture below has nothing to do with field trips, but I took it this week as well! It was so delightful to peek outside and see my girls 'reading' side by side! It made me so happy! Now to get Austin into that picture! ;)

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