Sunday, April 15, 2007

Decision time!

I had given myself the deadline of April 15th to figure out a plan for school next year, and the day has come! So, as a measure of some sort of accountability, I am going to spell some of it out here:

We're going to spend this coming year studying American History. Now, I know that sounds very familiar if you've been reading this blog for over a year! LOL But this year we're really going to do it. I'm not going to be using a curriculum or a plan or anything. I have the Landmark History of the American People and the DK Children's Encyclopedia of American History already, and we're going to use those. We're also going to use the library, and we're just going to have a fun trip through the history of our country! :) It won't be perfectly lined up, and that's perfectly OK!

I don't have the rest of the details yet... but this gives me a good starting point. I'm trying to keep in mind more overall goals for the kids, rather than focusing on which curriculum, if that makes sense. It's a bit harder this way, but I think it will be more helpful for me than to buy curriculum and just use it without focusing on what my goal is (and my goal can't be to have Austin complete a 4th grade grammar book if he's not going to understand it lol).

*** Now, if a money tree plops into my yard.... I reserve the right to dump everything I just typed and buy the Calvert curriculum for all 3 children! ROFL Just kidding... maybe! ;)

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Lisa said...

Oooh exciting!!! We'll be doing American history too! We (Bob and the kids, I mean) started today, actually, with Chapter 1 of The Light and the Glory.