Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A busy Tuesday

We had quite the active day today! Reece had preschool, and the big kids finished their ITBS testing! We mailed off the materials back to BJU, and now just await the (non-surprising) results! We got my nephew a birthday card and gift card, then headed over to the preschool for Reece's parent-teacher conference. It went very well... Miss Angie really does care alot for Reece, and since she's been her teacher since Feb. 2006, she's been witness to some of Reece's biggest growth and development progress!

After that we went to Riley's ballet class, and then came home for a bit of rest before Austin's ballgame. Austin was starting pitcher for the game, and though the team lost, he did not get hit in the face with the ball! YAY!! He had a rough first inning, but came through the next 3 innings and did well! Our bats were not hot at all, which was tough! Austin walked once and struck out once. He hit one ball that went foul that would have been an out of the park home run had it stayed fair! And a player from the other team came over and told him that he was a very tough pitcher to hit! So that made him feel great!

Here is the latest picture of the eye... it's looking much better!

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