Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why technology is the coolest thing:

Riley takes ballet in a homeschool class with one other girl. At the end of the class each time, the teacher turns out the light, turns on some praise and worship music, and they 'dance in the dark for Jesus'. During this time, Riley and L made up a little dance to a song. L asked Riley if she wanted to perform the dance during the talent show for their homeschool group, and Riley was delighted to do it!

There was but one problem: this talent show was the Friday night that I was gone at my scrapbooking retreat. My husband had agreed to take everyone and try to get some video, and Riley insisted she was OK with my not being there (she would later change her mind and it made me feel terribly guilty). The show must go on, as they say!

And this is why I love technology --- hours after missing her dancing in the talent show, I was able to watch Riley's dance on YouTube, thanks to my husband who uploaded the video. Also thanks to a wireless internet connection whose origins were a mystery! :) And now, for your watching pleasure, here are the little dancers (Riley is on the left)!


Heather said...

..and BTW, she sure does look like you here!

The Glasers said...

That was fantastic! Riley did such a wonderful job!