Thursday, March 29, 2007

Preschool Egg Hunt

I will upload pics later on, so check back this evening! For now, I just wanted to share about Reece's preschool easter egg hunt! It was such a bad morning before preschool... Thursday mornings are so hard because we don't get home until late Wednesday evening from church! This morning was unusually hard, and I was afraid the Egg Hunt would be a disaster, especially since we made it to preschool without the eggs or our part of the snack.

We dropped Reece off, ran our errands which included going back to get the eggs and snack, and made it back in time to help C's mom hide the eggs in the courtyard of the church. The kids had a wonderful time looking for the eggs. We then had a snack in the classroom, decorated cookies, and did a few crafts. Austin surprised me by offering to read aloud to the children after they cleaned up the classroom, and he surprised me even more by maintaining his composure when the children were crowding around him to see the book! Reece was obviously very proud of her brother, and kept running up to give him a kiss and hug while he was reading! There wasn't time for Riley to read, too, but Reece's teacher found her something else important to do! I can't say enough about Reece's teachers and how kind they are to our whole family! A few of the other moms also came up to Austin and to me to say what a great job he did reading the story. It was a really nice morning!

We're on our way to ballet in a few minutes, which usually isn't very nice, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! LOL

I'll put the pictures of the egg hunt up this evening!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like a very rewarding day! You must be so proud of all your children!