Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy 5th birthday, Reece!

Here is a picture of Reece yesterday before her birthday party! She was so happy all day long! :) It was so nice to see her so excited! She had her birthday party at the bouncy place just like she wanted, and it couldn't have been better!

She was so social at her party, interacting with all of her friends and family! I was so happy for her and so excited! I couldn't have asked for a better day for her! She loved her presents and her cake and the balloons! :) I will have more pictures to post once my mom (the family photographer) gets them uploaded and sent to me!

This is a little video of Reece I took of to show how much she has changed in the last 2 years! She was so happy and excited yesterday, so she was a bit goofy! But you can definitely tell that she is engaged and active and happy!


sadie said...

"I love you too Mommmmyyyyyyyyah!"

Too adorable. :)
Happy Birthday Reeciepie! :)

The Glasers said...

What a treasure!!!!

Happy Birthday, Reece!!!!

andie @ and the mama said...

How did I not know that you've had a blog all this time?

I got all teary watching the two videos - what a precious girl!