Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting to be a big girl!

Scroll down for baby, toddler, and preschool pictures of Riley! Blogger is only letting me add 5 pics per post, so I'm having to do multiple posts!

This is quite possibly my favorite picture of Riley! She is a few months past 5 in this picture, and we were visiting my mom! I'm not sure what had her so happy! :)
Riley on her 5th birthday! She and Reece look so much alike! :)
Here is Riley when she was 6, at her Kindergarten graduation (which was in my mother's backyard! LOL)
Here is Riley at her cheerleading! She was nearly 6 here!
Here is another picture of Riley when she was almost 6. She had spent the day making a paper doll of her doll Madeline, and a house for Madeline to live in! This was one of the first times I realized how gifted she is with her artistic ability!

I'll post one more set of pictures when we get home from picking up Reece from preschool! I hope you're enjoying watching Riley 'grow up'! It's amazing to look back at these pictures! Of all of my children, I feel like she's the one who has seemed to grow up without my even realizing it! I guess maybe that's a middle child thing?? Anyway, she is becoming a very lovely young lady, and she hasn't lost one bit of her spunky personality!!

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