Saturday, March 17, 2007

America's Pastime

Austin warming-up on dec before the game begins... he was out lead-off batter today!

Opening Day is upon us, and today's first game of the season reminds me again of why I love baseball so much! Granted, it's a great game - a true team sport where you have to work together to succeed! But for Austin, and especially for me, baseball is much more! I jokingly refer to baseball as "The Great Equalizer" and for good reason! When Austin is on the ball field, he is different. Or rather, he is NOT different --- he is just like all the other kids out there. Or maybe even better!
Yeah, I'm going to brag: Austin's a GREAT ball player! He is going to be one of the star players again this season! It's his last year in this league and he's the oldest player, missing the cutoff by 18 days. And he's been playing in this league for 5 seasons now! So it would make sense that he would be better than average! But he's also got an ability for baseball and a dad who is willing to invest the time in working to develop that ability!
So here is how Austin fared in today's game offensively:
First at bat - Hit by Pitch (didn't cry!), stole 2nd and 3rd, scored
Second at bat - Walked, stole 2nd and 3rd, scored
Third at bat - Hit a grounder for a single, then tagged out running to second
He was on fire with defense. He scooped up a grounder at shortstop and threw the runner out at first base. He pitched the third inning, striking out all 3 batters he faced, nobody even got a bat to the ball! The other team's coach called him our "Secret Weapon" which just made Austin's day! He's been walking around all day calling himself the "Secret Weapon"!
And he was a great team member, encouraging his fellow players in all positions, especially the other boys who pitched! I was so proud to hear him yelling out words of encouragement when the lead-off pitcher walked several runs in! And when a team-mate got a homerun, which helped Austin to score, Austin went over to him and congratulated him!
I do love baseball! :)

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