Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why reading the news is depressing

I just spent 30 minutes reading the news from various online sources that I trust. I am now officially depressed. Here is why:

1. The Bird Flu is coming and it's going to kill over half of the people it infects. There may be vaccines, but as I have no trust left in the vaccine manufacturing industry, I don't know if it would be safe to take it.

2. Georgia's Health Insurance program for the middle class and poor is effectively bankrupt. They have stopped taking new applications, and money for current members is expected to be gone in March. The federal government denied emergency funding. I don't think socialized health care is the answer... but something has got to be done! Health care costs are astronomical, and insurance rates are insane for families.

3. Anna Nicole Smith has died. I feel so sorry for her poor 5 month old baby. :(

4. Georgia Power was just given the approval to institute a $5 per month rate increase, starting next month. More money out of our pockets.

5. In order to apply for a scholarship for Austin to attend a special day camp this summer for one week, I would have to register to participate in a fund-raising walk. The entry fee is $25. Why should I have to PAY to be eligible to get scholarship funds?

There's more but it's just too darn depressing. What on earth is going on with the world?

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Lisa said...

My solution? Don't read it or watch it. :-)