Friday, February 16, 2007

TGIF 2/16/07

We've had a really busy week this week and I apologize for not keeping up with blogging! It all began last Saturday when Reece had 3 birthday parties she was invited to attend. The first party was for her friend at preschool, and it was held at the same place where she will be having her birthday party in a couple of weeks! It was a fantastic place for a party, and I know we're going to have a wonderful time! I just cannot believe that she's going to be FIVE already!

Something really neat happened at the party: we arrived late and everyone was already running around and having fun! I told Reece we needed to find C's mom and tell her we were there, before she could go play. So we did that, and C ran by. He saw Reece and she saw him and it was hugging time! Then they ran off to play together. She wanted to go from one thing to another, and instead of just running ahead, I saw her stop, turn around and look at C, wait for him to catch up, and then they ran off together! I wanted to scream, "HEY! Look at that referencing and coordination!" But I don't think anyone would have appreciated it as much as I did!

The party went smoothly. The night before, during her bedtime story, "Princess Reece" had gone to 2 birthday parties for her friends. It was sort of a 'social stories' way to prepare her for what she might experience. It worked well! Except I didn't realize they would turn off the lights while they sang Happy Birthday! LOL I started to dash over to her when the lights went out, but she was fine, so I stayed put.

We went home and picked up Riley and headed to the next party! This was a pottery painting party and was excellent. I started writing this Friday and ran out of time... now it's Saturday evening! Reece did so well at the pottery party... she chose a ballet shoe to paint and did a really good job with it! She also did well at paying attention to the lady who was running the party! Riley had a blast with her friend, too (the birthday girl's big sister).

The early part of the week was busy getting ready for the Valentine party at preschool. I had signed up to be the one in charge of the party, but with Reece being sick the first week of February, and Miss Angie's children being sick the 2nd week... I didn't find out about the party until it was too late to recruit any help! But I got it pulled together and it was great! I think all of the kids had fun! Wednesday and Thursday we buckled down and got our work done, and caught up on Monday and Tuesday's work as well.

Austin lost another tooth over the course of the week, and then he just lost another one tonight! LOL I don't think he could possibly have any other teeth to lose in there! We go to the dentist in a couple of weeks so they should be able to tell me! Maybe they will give me a discount on his cleaning since there aren't all that many teeth that could even be cleaned! ;)

That's about all I can remember from the week! It was so busy! :) I will try to do better this week about keeping up with my blog!

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Lisa said...

So glad all the parties went well!