Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reece at TWO!

Here's a picture of Reece on her 2nd birthday! I just love this outfit! An online friend, Chandra, made it for her! We spent her 2nd birthday at the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, a childrens museum, with our friends!
This is one of my all-time favorite pictures! This was taken through the cut-out window that peeks from my living room into my kitchen! Austin was trying to get his school work done, and Reece just sat on his lap and started to color! He just kept up doing his work! This is one of those moments that just makes me so happy that we are a homeschooling family! I firmly believe that Austin and Reece would not be as close as they are if they were in school. Austin would have been gone all day for all of Reece's life.
This dress is also one of my favorites! It reads, "Arrr... swash, swash, buckle, buckle" which is something that Orlando Bloom says on the Blooper Reel on the Curse of the Black Pearl Bonus features disc! She had a pirate diaper to go with it, and I'll try to hunt down a picture of that diaper! I believe I ordered this outfit when we hit 2 years of nursing! LOL
Speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean.... did anyone else notice that there are only 3 MORE MONTHS POTC 3 is out in the theaters!?!??! I cannot wait!!

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Lisa said...

I remember the swash swash buckle buckle dress! Cute!