Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reece at age 3!

Who can resist this face?? This is my baby girl on her third birthday!
Here is Reece after she had opened her presents!
Reece loved, and still loves, playing with shaving cream! Sometimes, it even stays on the cookie sheet!

3 was a big year for us as a family! It was the year that we finally agreed that she was not developing in a typical manner! I have a video I am going to embed as soon as YouTube has it ready, and I put it here for two reasons. The first is to show how we missed some very clear signs, and how we were really compensating hard for her. The second is because I intend to put up another video of her on her 5th birthday, to show how far she has come in the last 2 years! :) She is a remarkable girl, and she's really made some great progress!

Ok, here is the video (I hope!).


Leigh Ann said...

I found you via aut-2-be. We have a son (4 1/2) who has mild autism. That video was just like him at that age. He would not answer questions only repeat what we would say. Reese is so cute. If you don't mind my asking, what kind of work have you been doing with her? We are working at home with Daniel and are constantly looking for things that will help him.
Thank you for the glimpse into your life and that you your sweet girl.
Leigh Ann

The Glasers said...

I enjoyed the video clip of Reece on her birthday. She is light years ahead of where my daughter was at that age! I know it can be frustrating to see her struggle to speak and get overwhelmed by her sensory issues. Reece really has a lot going for her. Pamela was about eight years old when she was able to repeat as clearly as Reece does in the clip.

Is today the big day????


As they would say at Disney, may all your dreams come true!