Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reece as a newborn

In honor of Reece's upcoming 5th birthday (and stolen straight from Heather's blog --- for HER daughter's 5th birthday!), over the next 11 days until Reece's actual big day, I will be featuring pics and some possible videos of the girl herself --- through the years!

Here she is at birth! These are all scans since I wasn't digital yet back then! The picture on the left is right after she was cleaned up after birth. The picture on the right is of her sleeping at the hospital in the basinett. If you look closely you can see polaroids of Austin and Riley that we put in there so she would have her brother and sister close by! :)

This is a picture of my wonderful husband and me, during Reece's first nursing. I was so proud of nursing, and I wanted to document our experiences! (I had not tried to nurse Austin, and had only made it a few days with Riley -- ended up nursing Reece for 2.5 years!)

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Jan said...

It is fun to look back. What a cute baby she was!!