Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Heat Wave?

The forecast for today indicated we'd have highs in the upper 50s! I figured we should take advantage of such lovely weather and head to the zoo to see the baby panda. Isn't it funny how our perspectives can change? I used to not even let the kids go out to play it it was in the low to mid 50s! LOL Anyway, it was beautiful today! We took jackets and sweaters, and I had packed hats and mittens because it was very windy. We didn't end up needing them, and the girls dumped their sweaters soon after arriving!

Here is Miss Riley posing in front of the reptile house:

And Miss Reece didn't want to be left out of the action:
Here is the whole reason we headed down to the zoo today! And she slept the whole time we were there! LOL I think next time we will go early in the morning and try to catch her while she's awake and alert! She sure is a cutie pie though!

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