Friday, February 09, 2007


Today we went to the JumpZone for Homeschool Day. JumpZone is an inflatable play area, known to our family as a "bouncy place". I had been looking forward to going, and now I sort of wished we had never gone.

Right after we walked in, a boy came to Austin and asked him to play air hockey. Austin said sure and they ran off together. I was really happy! About 20 minutes later, Austin went running by me and I asked if he was done with the air hockey. He said, "Yes! And the boys gave me a nickname!" I said, "Cool! What is it?"


I stopped him from running off and had him repeat himself to make sure I heard him correctly. I had indeed heard correctly. This is a group of homeschoolers... cannot believe that Austin would be called a name like that by another homeschooled child.

I told Austin that 'nerd' is not a nice thing to call someone, and that people who might call him a nerd are not the kind of people he would want to play with. He said OK and ran off. I saw him playing with these boys again later. (I also saw the boy who came up with the nickname back-talking the workers at the place several times.)

Austin just didn't understand that they were making fun of him. :( That is so sad to me.

None of the mothers spoke to me either.

The kids still said they had a good time, and they can't wait to go back so I guess we will. But I will be prepared next time. I won't go in thinking we'd make some nice, new homeschool friends.


Lisa said...

Aw, Jen, that IS disappointing. I'm glad Austin didn't feel badly. Speaking as a mom of a child who isn't always kind to others, I sure would want to know if it were MY son who did that.

Jan said...

awww.. I'm so sad to read this. I would have been so upset too. Sorry the fun day was made into a downer by someone else's son.

Leigh Ann said...

Don't know if you will read this, but I just wanted you to know that I know exactly how you feel. Daniel loves other kids but the social skills just are not there. If we go to a play land he suddenly turns into the enemy for the other older kids that are there. They call him weird and if he comes toward them, not even to be with them, the will yell and scream at him and run away. And I ask myself "who is being weird?" Daniel is the most gentle child in the world. He does not realize what is happening and for that I am grateful, but it hurts a momma's heart so much and makes her want to go snatch some kids up by the hair and shake some sense into them, but alas that is taboo.
So I am sorry for your hurt. I know what it feels like. It makes me realize what a precious innocents (sp?) he has that the whole world would be the better off for. ((hugs))