Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tonight's meeting

I may have to come back tomorrow when I'm more coherent and update this, but I'll go ahead and talk about the support group meeting tonight! Austin and Reece had their classes for kids with HFA/AS, and Riley had her sibling group. DH went with me for the first time, and the topic of the meeting was how to get the most of the IEP process.

First of all, any of you who have to deal with this IEP process, I cannot imagine how you get through it! I kept whispering to my husband that I was so glad we didn't have to deal with it! What a beaurocracy!

Riley did great in her class... lots of girls so she was very happy! She hasn't given many details about what they talked about, only that they talked about autism.

Austin did great as well! He was very nervous before we left, but we kept reassuring him. When I went to pick him up, the teachers went on and on about how polite and well-mannered he is! He told everyone he would see them next month, so I guess that's a thumbs up! He commented about 3 children: one who was nice and quiet like him, one who was wild, and one who said bad words! LOL

Reece didn't do as well, but I was sort of prepared for it. She started back to preschool and ballet today, and this meeting started at 7 and she is usually in bed at 7:30. She went right in with no troubles. When it was time to pick her up, though, the director of the program stopped us and said that Reece had had some trouble when it was time to put the shaving cream away, and they didn't know if she was overstimulated or what, but the director took her for a walk around and she was fine. When we picked her up, she was out in the breezeway with a teacher just hanging out. DH went to get her, and I got Austin. By the time I got back out, Reece was crying, and dh said she wanted me. I picked her up and she said, "Why did you leave me for such a long time?" Later on the way home she said that she had had to sit in the "crying chair". You know, honestly, I wasn't expecting to deal with this sort of thing considering this is a class for HFA/AS kids. A crying chair? This was her first time there! Maybe see if you can comfort her before you plop her into timeout? Did they give advance warning about the shaving cream being put away? And she said she missed the snack while she was out walking with that lady. Argh. Oh well, I guess that just proves to me that it wouldn't necessarily be so much better for her if she were at school. Sometimes I think she needs to go school to the autism class because they are specially trained... but these specially trained folks put her in the crying chair tonight. ::sigh::

I am totally wiped out from this busy day! We did get our work mostly done today, which is surprising because it was such a busy one! Tomorrow is Fun Friday, but I don't know yet what we will do... except sleep in, because we're definitely doing that! :)

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