Friday, January 26, 2007

Our crazy week... a long post!

What a crazy week we've had! The van has a new (well, rebuilt) tranmission, and we will be picking it up tonight when dh gets off work! I am very happy to get my van back! I drove the truck 2 days this week, and as much as I love the satellite radio and the nice easy ride that the truck offers, I just want my van back! It's comfy and fits me like an old glove. An old glove with a very expensive set of replacement fingers. ;)

The 2 days we had to take daddy to work were rough. We had to be pulling out of the driveway at 5:45. I would get up and throw on some clothes and pull my hair back into a ponytail, and then we would carry the girls to the truck. As soon as the cold air hit them, they were up. Austin was waking up around 5:15 on his own, full of excitement! We would make it back home around 7:15, and then I'd exersize and shower, and we'd take Reece to preschool. Then each of the girls had their ballet classes, and we'd head out to get daddy from work! All of it was way too much time in the car for my tastes!

The week was sort of wacky. Monday I woke up feeling terrible so we skipped school and just played games. Playing games without having a meltdown is one of my goals for Austin. I set up monopoly for us to play alone (it seems to go easier if he's not having to compete against Riley) and we played a good long time. However, in the end I won, and that did not go over well. Then Riley and Reece were jealous so we played Life (Reece lasted about 10 minutes into it before she got bored and left).

Tuesday we took Reece to preschool and I took the big kids to IHOP for All You Can Eat pancakes. We were supposed to have done that last Thursday, before the van broke down. We walked Reece into preschool to alert the teachers that she had been up since 5:45, and I spoke with her facilitator Miss Amie about next year. Amie asked me if we were going to homeschool Reece next year and I said yes. We discussed a bit how well Reece has done this year and how much she has changed and progressed. I really am grateful for how well the teachers have handled her this year and how much they have loved on her and encouraged her. Amie mentioned that they have discussed where they would put Reece if we changed our minds, and they all agreed that there really is no place for her next year. Her main problems continue to be with pace and transitions. She is sharing toys now, interacting with the other children to a greater extent, allowing people to touch her without freaking out. But she just cannot handle more than one transition in a morning. The days they have music are so hard for her because it's 3 transitions (from outside to inside to music class). She does so much better in chapel, but that's one transitions. She is in a 3s class this year for that slow pace, but she is rather bored now with the toys and activities. I think that has been a good thing though, as it's forced her to focus on the other children for her enjoyment. So she can't handle the pace of a 4s class or the Transitional Kindergarten they offer (that's for young or immature 5 years olds, so they go there for the year and then onto public school K when they are 6). And Amie said she would be bored academically in even the TK class. So really, there is just no appropriate place at the preschool for her next year. It does help me to feel not as guilty or sad or whatever about her not going to preschool next year.

Wednesday we stayed home and did a full day of learning. We didn't go to AWANA because we had no way to get there. Dh is working part-time on Wednesday at our church as the music and worship assistant, in addition to his Sunday morning duties during the contemporary service. This started at the beginning of the year! He is so very excited, as this is what he's been wanting to do for a long time now!

Thursday we took daddy to work again and took Reece to preschool. After preschool, she had her ballet class. They got to try on their costumes and she was just SO excited about that! There was a new little girl in their class who started yesterday, and she just turned 3 on Sunday. Reece asked who she was (which was great because it indicated she recognized that this girl had not always been there), and then asked how old she is (because the little girl is tiny!), and then the girl smiled at her. Reece said "I want to stand with her. She's nice. She smiled at me!" (she noticed a facial expression and interpreted it correctly and acted on it.). I nearly fell over! And then having this little just-turned-3-year-old next to my nearly-5-year-old was very upsetting! LOL Reece all of a sudden looked so grown up and mature and big. She's my baby! She can't be big?! It doesn't seem possible that she's going to be 5 soon... she's only been talking really well for 18 months or so, and she's not even been potty trained a year! LOL

Today we are home and did a regular day of school, since Tuesday was more like "Fun Tuesday". I had prepared the kids for this fact, but it still took Austin by surprise. He was agitated and declared everything to be too hard. I mentioned in a very declarative fashion that sometimes things seem harder than they are when we are upset and flustered. Sometimes if we calm down and relax we find that things aren't as hard as they first seem. (Gracious that's a little convicting personally! LOL). He did calm down somewhat and got to work. He kept checking to see how much Riley had left to do. The competition between them seems to be flaring up again. Not sure how I should handle that. I really don't want to have to separate them in all subjects, but I don't know if it's worthwhile to keep them together with these sort of competitions going on.

Now, today while I was reading our current read-aloud from Sonlight (Detectives in Togas), Reece drew a picture on the dry-erase part of our easel. I turned around to see she had drawn this:

This is a picture of her dancing. I asked her, "Who are you dancing with?" Referring to the other image in the picture that isn't colored in. (Ugh, just realized that was not very declarative... very un RDI-like of me! It's so hard!). She said, "That's not another person, that is myself in the mirror! And I have a bun in my hair, see?" And sure enough, look at it?! It is her and her reflection!! I was just amazed!! What a little artist she is! I could never draw something like that! What a sense of perspective!

So that was our crazy week! Not sure what else I'm forgetting to say... I'm sure there is something that I left out! Oh well!! It's long enough so I'm sending it! :)


Becca said...

First of all, I really, really enjoy reading these post about the challenges and victories you have with your kids! Reece is just the cutest thing and I thought her comment at ballet class was wonderful. I remember a while ago when you were posting about her beginning preschool and it seems like she's traveled leaps and bounds since then.

And she is a better artist than I am, that's a really good little drawing.

Jan said...

what a wonderful drawing!!! And you took a picture!! Good for you to think to do that. Hope next week is calmer once you have your van back.

Heather said...

i just love the picture she drew! How very creative!