Friday, January 05, 2007

My girls!

Sometimes these girls just do such sweet things that I don't even know how to describe it adequately! Today was one of those times! Reece came in to show me her "badges". Apparently, they were playing together, and Riley would make her a badge for everything she passed. They called it the "Girl's Fun Club" or something like that!

Here is a closeup of the badges. From left to right: The dress-up badge, the ballet badge, the art badge, the singing badge, and the jumping badge. Riley drew each of these badges, and taped them to Reece's shirt! They did this for about 90 minutes this afternoon! Reece was so proud of her badges, and Riley was so proud of how she made Reece happy!


Jan said...

That is very sweet!!

Sadie said...

Man, your girls just totally set you up for a scrapbook page. That is so adorable, :)