Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday's Musings (and a little bit of ranting to get it out)

Even though today is a National Holiday, dh doesn't have off work, so we don't traditionally take the day off. And since next week, I'm wanting to do a little field trip on Monday, I really feel like we need to be working today.

I had forgotten until last Thursday that Reece had a checkup with her ENT this morning. The office has moved near to where our dentist is, and so we readied ourselves for a 45 minute drive. I brought work with us to do in the car there and back.

Reece's ears checked out great! Her tubes are still in place, though they could fall out anytime. The doctor told us when she got them that they were a certain kind, designed to stay in for 2 years or so. It will be 2 years this coming June. I would really like it if they would come out before pool season hits! I am terrible with getting her ear plugs in correctly! Everything checked out well... no ear infections since December 2005, and no concerns with her speech that are hearing related. We go back in another 6 months for a recheck, and a yearly hearing test.

Austin's having a really hard time right now, and when he has a hard time, it's pretty much hard on the entire family. I'm going to be a bit selfish here for a moment and say it's especially hard on his teacher, namely me. Last week, Monday through Thursday, were fantastic! He was mellow, easy-going, able to handle his mistakes with grace, and was really teachable. He woke up Friday morning the complete opposite and has been that way since. He is rigid, irritable, easily frustrated, impatient, and argumentative. I've racked my brain trying to figure out what could have changed between Thursday and Friday. He lost 2 teeth on Thursday night... does that cause crazy changes of behavior for children on the spectrum? You wouldn't think it would, but I am just at a loss.

When these times come with him, it's like I might as well forget making any sort of academic progress with him. If he gets one thing wrong, he loses it. He can't see the 11 things he got correct, only the one thing wrong. I've been making a huge effort lately to point out my mistakes (like today when I took a different way home from the ENT and ended up in a completely different direction than I had planned! LOL). I want him to see that mistakes are completely to be expected in life, every day!

And changes. Ugh. He had wanted to eat out for lunch but I told him this morning that we were going to eat at home. Well, thanks to my wrong turn, the 45 minute drive home turned into 90 minutes and we were all quite hungry. So I announced my intentions to defect (oops sorry... that's a movie line!). I announced my intentions to get lunch! ;) Austin immediately piped up with, "No, you said we couldn't get lunch out. And when you say we can't get lunch out you mean
it so we can't get lunch out." ::insert a primal scream here::

What happened to the kid who was here this time last week? How do I get him back? Is there a switch to throw? A button to push? What is the cause of such a dramatic change overnight? Can I run away until he comes back? LOL Or maybe I can send this one to school, and when the other one comes back, he can come back home? ;)

My mom said this morning, hearing the aforementioned lunch freak-out, "This too shall pass." But you know what? It doesn't. It just keeps coming back again and again and again. And if it's not him, then it's Reece. I'm not asking for perfection or even complete obedience. But this irrational behavior is just wearing me out. There is no arguing with it. There is no talking through it. There is no disciplining it out of them. There is Just Hold On and Hope You Survive It.

I. Am. Empty.


Lisa said...

{{{Jennifer}}} I know it's hard!

Jan said...

Sending BIG HUGGGGSSS!!!!!!!