Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The good news and the bad news

Good news:
  1. Today went a little bit better. Austin was still very aggitated, but I handled it better.
  2. My MIL bought me a laptop and it will be here tomorrow.

Bad news:

  1. The transmission on my van gave out tonight during AWANA. I'm so grateful H was able to come get me, Reece, and her daughter who I had brought home for a playdate. And H's husband brought my kids home from AWANA for me, even though they live in completely the opposite direction! It's nice to have friends you can count on... thanks, guys! :)
  2. Did I mention the tranmission went out, and it's expensive, and a time-consuming job, so I'll be without a car for awhile?

I really want a Mr. Pibb right now. WAAAAHHH!


Sadie said...

Here's a desktop theme for your new laptop:

{{Jennifer}} Hey... like you said when Israel cut me off... myabe God is keeping you out of an accident or something by making you stay at home right now. Maybe you'll get more done at home! Maybe.... uhm... uh... I'm totally not good at looking for the silver lining.

Heather said...

You are welcome! That is what friends are for!