Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fun Saturday 1/13

Our FUN for today was going as a family down to Titanic: An Artifact Exhibition. I have been crazy about all things Titanic since I was a little girl, but I've never been able to see any sort of display or anything in real life about the Titanic! We were all able to go as a family because they offer a homeschool discount so the tickets were $10 per person (as opposed to $26 and $18).

I will take this chance to tell you the funny story about how we chose to get down to the Atlanta Civic Center. I told dh this morning that traffic was likely to be bad, and parking expensive, so it might be best to take Marta and walk the 4 blocks to the Civic Center. 2 things about my dh you should know: he doesn't like Marta, and he doesn't like to walk! But, he loves me, so he agreed. We drive to the nearest Marta station (which is more than halfway there lol), pay $14 for 4 round-trip tickets since Reece is free, and we ride the train and walk to the Civic Center --- where we find parking for $5 and the lot next to the Civic Center is empty. Ooops! :) Oh well, it's an adventure! Now on to the pictures!

Here is dh showing the kids his office, which backs up to the Marta rails:

Here is my beautiful family on the Marta adventure:

Here we are getting our 'boarding passes' for the exhibition. They tell a bit about a real person, and at the end you see on the wall if your person lived or died. I will try to scan one in later. The kids and I all 'lived', but sorry to say that dh died! We'll miss him terribly! lol

They didn't allow you to take pictures inside the exhibition. I was so disappointed. It was incredible! They had the warning bell, a first class room, a third class room, a clarinet, rows of dishes that had landed intact on the floor of the ocean, a piece of the hull of the ship, an 'iceburg' set up so you could feel how cold it was, perfume samples that survived the sinking and still smell, champagne bottles with champagne still in them. I could go on and on! It was really incredible! I had to be satisfied, however, with taking a picture of the pictures in the lobby.

Here are the kids near the sign. Riley is holding her new doll she got for Christmas, Evangeline. The doll is wearing the "Nan Harper" dress that is about a girl (forgot to check and see if she was real or not) from the Titanic! It came with a book to read about Nan!
Closer up of the kids near the sign:

Everyone chose something from the gift shop. Here is Reece with her model of the Titanic:

Riley and I each chose a necklace that is filled with authentic coal from the wreck site! Riley's is shaped as a dolphin and mine is shaped as an anchor:

Here is a closeup so you can see the coal:

Austin and Daddy chose not to get their pictures taken. Austin chose a piece of coal, too, but his is bigger and isn't on a necklace. Daddy chose a travel coffee mug that says Titanic White Star Line!


Becca said...

I'm so glad you posted this! We've been thinking about going to the exhibit also. It looks like you all had a lot of fun.

Lisa said...

I had no idea you were fascinated with the Titanic! Me too! Sounds like an awesome exhibit. Love Reece's souvenir!