Thursday, August 31, 2006


Reece had orientation at preschool today, and it went very well! Her lead teacher is the same one from last year, and the assistant teacher taught her during VBS this past summer! So the new face in the crowd was her facilitator. I had no part in hiring the facilitator, and didn't really feel like I should try to, because the school is picking up most of the cost. Her name is Miss Amy and she seems very, very nice! She came over and introduced herself right away, and asked if it was alright if she calls me over the weekend so we can discuss Reece and my expectations more personally. The school has given her their expectations and needs, and she was interested in knowing more about Reece from my perspective! That impressed me right away! There are 11 children in the class total, and 3 teachers. Miss Amy will be there mostly for Reece, but she will be interacting with the rest of the children in her job as helping Reece become a participant in the classroom!

One thing that started back up today was Reece starting a 'collection' and then not wanting anyone near her or her collection. It was buttons today. So I think we'll send in a few things Reece can have for herself (thinking porcupine balls, special buttons, her little unicorns), but she has to understand that things that belong to the classroom belong to ALL of her friends. We helped her (Miss Amy and I) to share some of the buttons with another girl, and the girl reciprocated. Reece talked about that later on in the day, how she shared and the girl shared with her, and could the little girl come back to her preschool class next time! LOL

As far as the ages of the kids, 2 of the children will be turning 4 next week, so they are only 6 months younger than Reece! And she didn't look huge compared to them! She was quite a bit bigger than some of the other children, but I think it will all work out. I'm not sure how to handle if we should tell parents that Reece is older, and why Miss Amy is in the room, too. I'm not sure if the parent will ask, but I probably would have been wondering why there was a 3rd teacher in there if I didn't know! LOL

Anyway, I'm looking forward to talking with Miss Amy this weekend and getting to know her better as the school year progresses! And I'm glad to know that Reece is in the good hands of teachers who are familiar with her!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Extra-curricular balance?

We're in the 3rd week of our activities being in full-swing, and I suspect a good bit of the problems we've been facing are because of a fully-loaded schedule. Next week we add preschool, too, so we're not even all the way into it! YIKES!

How do you get a balance between giving your children social opportunities, and being on the run too much? It's especially hard with my autistic kids... the very social activities they need so they can practice their limited social skills and get used to being around other children their age are the same activities that cause them to be so stressed out and it takes so long for them to recover!

Here's our lineup:

Sundays the girls have choir for an hour. This doesn't seem like much, but since we're going most of the day to church we're barely home on Sunday.

Monday there will be baseball games for Austin through October. Once his season is over, the OT suggested I find a tumbling class for him.

Tuesday and Thursday Reece will have preschool. Tuesday afternoon is Riley's ballet, Thursday afternoon is Reece's ballet. Some Thursday evenings will have ball practice or a game.

Wednesday mornings will be back to normal after next week. We're done with therapy until the end of preschool, as I cannot afford to pay for both. Wednesday evenings are AWANA.

Fridays are free, except for the possibility of baseball practice.

Saturdays are also free, except Riley wants to do cheerleading in the winter for basketball. (And there I would say no, except that I feel like she needs to have more time away from her siblings and be around more typical kids).

It really doesn't look like very much. And most people do that sort of schedule(or more) while their kids are at school all day and have homework in the evenings! Why do we short-circuit with it?

So how do I determine what sort of pace to keep? How can I tell the autism specialist when he asks what social opportunities my homeschooled children have, "Well, it was just really wiping them out and they were having meltdowns as a result!"? How do I tell Riley that she can't do something else, when I really feel like she needs the time away from Austin and Reece? Is there a way to find a balance?

Better today

Today has gone a bit better, though it's 2:45 and we're only halfway done with our school work! We took a break mid-day to go have lunch with daddy at work! Austin's attitude was markedly better, and he got a 100 on his math test which naturally lifted his spirits. However, I told him that it's not the grades he makes that I'm concerned about. It's more the attitude he carries that concerns me... I know things are going to be hard for him. But when he starts into things with the attitude of "I can't do it. It's too hard. I don't know anything!" and he won't even be open to being instructed that's when it's hard for me.

He came in to me when I was grading his math test and said, "Mom, you do a great job homeschooling. I know you think you don't, but you do." I gave him a hug, told him thank you, and knew that somebody's daddy must have had a talk with a certain 4th grader last night while I was at the gym. LOL Sure enough, daddy did talk to him. I don't wish to play on Austin's emotions, because in the long run it just makes him more anxious. But I don't know what else to do.

Big surprise, eh? ;)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First month of school blues

Austin is really struggling with 4th grade. I'm wondering if I made a mistake going ahead with 4th grade work when he tested in the mid-2nd grade range at the end of last school year. I am so discouraged.

Riley is doing very well, and she's really rising to the level of work I'm asking her to do. She complains a bit because there is considerably more work for her this year than last, but she's capable of doing it.

I need to do more to keep Reece engaged. Too often I look over and she's lining things up, or staring off into space. She's really enjoying the things I've been doing with her, but I can't keep her engaged all day long. Preschool starts back next week, so that will help.

Friday, August 25, 2006

TGIF 8/25

I think it's safe to say that this week wiped ALL of us out this time! LOL I had decided to let the children sleep in this morning, but at 9 AM I finally woke them up! :) We did our geography lessons, memory work folders, and an abbreviated game time... then we headed to the mall to play at the indoor inflatable place! Then we ran a few errands before coming home for rest time!

The games played today were:
Chutes and Ladders (Reece did NOT enjoy this one... the pictures of the kids doing naughty things really bothered her!)
Hi Ho Cherry-O (She asked to play this one after C&L because she was so distressed lol)
Connect Four (Austin)
Guess Who? (Riley)

Next week we're adding Typing for Austin, and science (though I'm struggling with it!). We have a really busy week though, outside the house. A dentist visit on Monday and Reece's preschool orientation on Thursday will totally wipe our mornings! We'll add Latin and Spanish after Labor Day, and that will make a full schedule! :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

TGIF 8/18

Well, this week is over now, too! I am completely wiped out! LOL Which I guess is a good thing!

Today was Fun Friday and the kids chose the following games:

Math Game- Making Change game
Thinking Game- Shape by Shape (tangram game)
Board Game - Life

Board Game - Hi Ho Cherry-O
She filled all the little Life cars with blue and pink pegs, so she's got fine motor practice done!

Math Game- Snap It Up Multiplication
Thinking Game- Visual Perceptual Skill Building 2
Board Game - Battleship

We also did geography lessons, and had another art lesson on Lines. And they read from their Reading List selections. Fun Friday is hard work! We didn't go anywhere for 'nature study' today because I'm too tired! We may try to get over to the pool next week one afternoon, before it closes!

I need to relate a funny story about Riley! Austin and I invited her to play Snap It Up with us during the last round. (I am really working with Austin to play games with her and with other children in general). Nobody really knows the multiplication facts yet, so I was telling them which combinations to look for. We were doing "48" so I told them it would be 6x8. Riley hollered out that she had it... and she laid down a 6 and a 5 and a 3. I told her she needed an 8. She said "I have an 8... you have to add the 5 and the 3 together first, that makes 8. Then you times the 6. 48!" What a smart girl isn't she??? Unfortunately, the rules indicate that you can only use 2 factors, so she didn't win... but that was really clever! :)

So that's our Fun Friday report... I need to go collapse! lol

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Beautiful Ballerina

Today was Reece's first day of fall ballet! She was very excited, and I was a little nervous! I knew this class would be larger, and after the hard time she had with all the noise last night at AWANA, I was concerned. There were 8 in her class altogether, and after comparing birthdays, Reece was found to be the oldest! She did a very good job, and her teacher (also Riley's) is just a gift from God! The other mothers were also quite amazing and unusual... they all went around finding out everyone's name and their child's name! :) I've never met a friendlier bunch of moms! I went ahead and told everyone about Reece and her autism... let's put it this way: nearly all the girls in Reece's class have a baby brother or sister! "BAAAAABBBBEEEEE!!" was heard at least 15 times! :) I figured it was much easier to let them in, than to have them wonder about her behavior! They were very kind about it, and interested, and one mom later came and asked me what were some of the things that made me get Reece evaluated because she is concerned about her 18 month old! It was a very pleasant experience, and I'm glad for it! And Reece enjoyed the class, but was disappointed that they didn't have time for "Dancing in the dark for Jesus!"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Riley's 1st day of ballet

Riley was supposed to start ballet on Thursday, but since there weren't enough girls to have a homeschool class at her beginner level, they asked if we could change to the other class (which started about 45 minutes from the time of the phone call!). Riley's friend is in that class, so we jumped at the chance! We got ready in a hurry, I did my best attempt at a bun, and we were off! She looked so lovely, and she had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In today's mail...

I got the report from the autism doctor today in the mail. I didn't rush to open it, because I wasn't in the mood. But boy was I surprised by the following recommendation:

"Often children with Asperger's Syndrome experience a great deal of anxiety which can be manifested by non-compliance, distractability, hyperactivity, and tantrums. Stimulants can be helpful to address distractability and hyperactivity, but often can increase anxiety. A very structured school and home program with a lot of preparation for transition and changes has been successful in helping to reduce anxiety in children like Austin. Austin seems to be doing very well with his homeschool program and we recommend that he continue in this program."

Excuse me... could someone pick me up off the floor please?!?!

::dances away doing the happy pirate boogie!::

Monday, August 14, 2006

Not Back to School Party 2006

Here are the pics from today's party!! It's getting so much easier to get these pictures! It's really getting easier overall to have the NBTS party! :)

Here are the moms!!
Here are the kids doing a crazy picture! LOL It was sort of a reward to keep the boys from doing this during the regular picture! ;)

A trip down memory lane!

Before I upload the pictures from this year's Not Back to School Party, I wanted to show off pictures from previous years! It's so great to see the kids when they were little! It's amazing how everyone has changed in the last few years!


2002 - Reece is in the stroller on the left!

2003 -Reece had wandered away in this one!

Friday, August 11, 2006

TGIF 8/11

The week has drawn to a close, and I won't deny that I am grateful! But we had a fun day today!

This morning was the first of our 'Fun Fridays'. On Friday, no matter what else has gone on during the week, we will be playing games (math games and thinking games), doing a few pages out of a geography workbook, reading, and doing some sort of nature study. We'll also have an art lesson, and if there are any crafts for Spanish we'll do them then. This is what it looked like today:

Math games:
Austin - Hot Dots flash cards (time/money)
Riley and Reece (and mom) - Sum Swamp

Thinking Games:
Austin - Visual Perceptual Skill Building 2 (didn't give him a choice on this one - he needs to do it)
Riley - Rush Hour
Reece- Candyland (hey, it's a thinking game for a 4 year old lol)

Austin and I played Checkers too, because he was sad he didn't get to play a board game with me (the girls all played Candyland and Sum Swamp together)!

Our art lesson (from How to Teach Art to Children) was the first lesson on Lines. I did the lesson on the white board on the easel and it brought back memories of teaching school! I had a white board in my classroom, not a chalkboard! :) It took all of 10 minutes, and now I can say we really did art this year, at least once!

For Nature Study we went to the pool! OK, it's not exactly what Charlotte Mason had in mind I'm sure, but it's the last weekday the public pool is open, and the little pool in the next town over is only $2 per person! (Also it's too dang hot to be out in nature in August!) We had a fantastic time! Stayed 4 hours and now we're all sunburnt and wiped out! And we saw 2 birds, a squirrel, and lots of ants! So it is nature study! We also tied in our earlier geography lesson by discussing if the pool is a natural resource or a manmade resource! ROFL

So our school week is over! I'm glad! LOL But I'm also somewhat looking forward to next week! Sort of! :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Better school day today

It wasn't "The hills are alive with the sound of music" good, but it also wasn't "Mama said knock you out" bad either! ;)

We are consistently getting up on time, and getting our chores and things done on time, so we can start school on time. I am a little concerned that the reading/math/grammar combo is taking us so long. I do include a recess/snack break in there, so I need to keep that in mind. The scheduled break eliminates the need for all people under the age of 11 to start asking "Can I have a break?" and/or "Can I have a snack?" starting around 9 AM. I feel like the kids need the recess/snack break and I can't wait for it to be cooler so they can play outside during that time! But still, I'm a little nervous about how long our day might be since we haven't added in spelling, Bible, History, or Science yet! LOL

Which brings me to my next topic: there very well may not be history or science at all at the Black Pearl Academy this year! Unfortunately, Adventures in my Father's World is not what I consider a 2nd/3rd grade curriculum, as they advertise it to be. Perhaps 1st grade? Definitely not what I want for my 2nd grader, and I couldn't call this 4th grade in my wildest dreams. So now I'm faced with choices. And all of my friends and regular readers should know by now that I'm fantastic with making choices, especially curriculum choices. Most of my closet friends refer to me as "decisive and confident"! ROFL Ok, enough of the joking.

Here are my options:
1. Add something to Adventures. They only use segments of the main text book, so I could read it all to the kids. It's a 5th grade book for Christian Liberty Press. That would require planning. But my brain was ready to do American History this year, in preparation for returning to the classical 4 year cycle next year.

2. Do CHOW (Sonlight Core 1+2) which is what I was planning to do before the money for Adventures turned up. Feels weird to spend a year on world history to turn around and do world history again next year. But maybe I could do Sonlight's 1 year of American History after that, then return to a rotation?

3. Don't do science or history this year and just say that I am tired of making decisions and not knowing if they are good ones or not? ;)

I need to decide by Monday... I am planning to begin history on Tuesday. Science... well, I am fully prepared to wait to add that until September while I figure out what to do! I'm leaning towards the Science in a Nutshell kits, as they come highly recommended!

So there you go! It's time to eat lunch now! :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An equal opportunity post

OK, we've had our first bad day of the new school year! I nearly didn't blog about it, but that sort of feels like lying, so here goes!

After such a rip-roaring day yesterday of Austin handling making mistakes so well, today was just more than he could tolerate. He made mistakes in every subject, and kept flipping out over it. I tried to calmly talk to him like I did yesterday, and I tried to encourage him. It just didn't work. Finally, I told him that if there was one more outburst, he would not be watching the Braves game at 1:00. During his free reading, I placed the latest papers for correction on his desk and he melted down. So I told him he couldn't watch the game... and that's when the big meltdown occured. He begged me for another chance... begged and begged and begged. Cried, screamed, told me that if he could watch the game he would be calm. I'm sorry, but that's just not how it works. I sent him to his room until he could calm down. He stayed there for 45 minutes, when I had to go in and tell him to get his shoes on for therapy.

He had taken all of the coins out of his pirate money bag and thrown them on the floor. He had taken what appears to be baseball cards and shredded them into little pieces. He was still muttering under his breath and crying all the way to therapy. Both the OT and the ST spoke with me at length about trying to help him with his perfectionism(like I don't??), and the ST and I talked about the perseveration (him not being able to just get over stuff). She is making me a visual reminder for him of when he has been given his warning for his behavior, and the consequence that follows, etc. She said it's a possibility that it's not connecting verbally, so we'll take that aspect out of it and make it very visual.

We left there and went to get lunch like we usually do on Wednesdays. I chose Chick Fil A, and Austin started to cry that he doesn't like CFA. Never mind that we had been there last week and he didn't seem to mind. Today he wasn't "expecting" CFA and a meltdown came. Yeah, I know he needs advance notice... but come on! To me, it's ungrateful to cry because the lunch out is not what YOU want and there are 3 other people around. So I told him that the crying would stop before I got to the place to order, or he wouldn't be getting food. He said he didn't want any anyway. Fine. I reminded him that the option if you don't choose to eat what is offered is cereal or peanut butter. He said he wasn't hungry for lunch at all. Fine.

He's in his room now having rest time. Before he went in, he told me to call his friend and tell him he wouldn't be going to church tonight. He doesn't feel like going anywhere. Fine. Control, control, control. It's times like this where I wonder if he really does have Aspergers, or whether he's just a spoiled brat. It sure seems like a fine line sometimes. How often do we have to play out this same drama, all caused by this insane perfectionism? I just want it to go away. He's sleeping now thanks to the melatonin... he's taking the fish oil supplement that is supposed to help mood and brain function. I wish I could see some good results.

The girls did well during school. Riley has a bit of work left after rest time (it was hard for her to focus while Austin's meltdown took over the house). Reece and I did some more from her First Steps to Building Thinking Skills... working with a geoboard. She loved that! She also played with playdoh again, and with the wooden blocks. That was going so well until she ran out of the pieces she needed to finish what she was making and there was no substitution. She ended up knocking it over.

I think this is what I've been warned about with trying to homeschool autistic children. I am just mentally and emotionally drained now. It doesn't matter about the good days that have come before. They can only fill me up so much. This morning took everything out of me, and I am completely empty. When the days go smoothly, they are very nice. But the days that don't go well, where I can't avert a meltdown that can happen for any reason (reasons that yesterday didn't apply, reasons that tomorrow may not apply again, I can only guess... walk on eggshells and keep my fingers crossed that something doesn't trigger it)? Then it's completely gone. I can't get the day back. I can't get him out of the meltdown curve and back into a recovery phase.

So there you go. Part of me wants to delete this whole post. Better hit publish before I lose my nerve.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some new things we're trying this year

I mentioned yesterday that we had a few things we're doing new to try to help things move more smoothly through our homeschool day. We're back to using a schedule/routine after giving out on one last year.

This year I've added something with the assignment sheets. I highlight every assignment that the kids can do without needing instruction from me first. That way, if I'm working with another child, they can figure out what they can do on their own while they wait for their turn with me. Also, once I teach the lesson for the day, I highlight the assignment on the sheet so they know they can do that work on their own now. I hope that makes sense! In the 2 days we've been doing it, it's worked very smoothly!

The other thing I've done is taken the decision-making out of the hands for the children when it comes to which subject they will do next. I tried this for the last 2 years, and it usually ended up being more trouble because Riley would always choose something that I didn't have time for, and Austin would take 10 minutes crying because he couldn't make up his mind! LOL

As a side note, today Austin had a really good experience, and I'm so proud of him! He was doing his Rod and Staff assignment and he had left out a word. Typically this would cause a meltdown, and he would erase the entire assignment! Today I pointed out the problem, crossed my fingers, and encouraged him to use a 'carot' and write the missing word above the rest of the words. He started off with a "NO!!" and I touched his hand and said in a soft voice, "Just try it. Trust me. It won't hurt." He didn't look convinced so I added, "I'll take us out for lunch if you do it!" That got his attention! :) So I drew the carot in for him and then showed him where to write the missing word! He did it, and didn't freak out! He was so proud of himself, and I was so proud of him! And yes, we did go out for lunch! That was a small price to pay for him seeing that it's ok to not make something be perfect!

Riley learned something new in math today again... what a good idea it was to move her ahead in math! She had to add 3 addends, and picked it up very quickly! I didn't doubt that she would, but it was nice to see her learn something new! She missed one on her paper, and I laid it on her desk for correction. She handles that so much better than Austin does, and I think it's good for Austin to see how she handles correcting her errors. Also, it's good for him to see that she does make errors, too, as we all do. Riley also did a fantastic job with her copywork! She started on the smaller lined HWT paper, and it makes her copywork so much easier for her! She was probably ready for the smaller paper midway through last year!

Reece didn't do a lesson today (only doing school 2-3 days a week with her), so she played with her rice box! When that excitement wore off, she played with the new playdoh I'd picked up! She did really well, but was a little upset that the big kids wanted to take over her rice creations!

Lastly we added music today, which will be an introduction to the orchestra. I have a book (again that I bought 3-4 years ago lol) that has a CD with it, giving examples of each type of instrument and then also examples from composers! The girls danced around the living room to the excerpt!

Tomorrow is going to be our busiest day of the week, because Austin has therapy. I'm nervous about how we'll get our work done, but we'll manage it. There is a Braves game at 1 PM that Austin wants to watch, and that could be a good motivator or a source of stress. He doesn't have that much written work to do tomorrow, so hopefully it'll work out OK! We only have therapy until the end of August so it won't be an issue much longer!

That's about all for now!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Week 2 of school begins

Today we added Grammar and Picture Study to our schedule. I also worked with Reece. We worked in her First Steps to Building Thinking Skills and she loves it still! We finished entire sections! I suspect she'll be finished with this book before preschool starts back! :)

Riley resumed First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind for Grammar, and that went smoothly as usual. In math, she was actually stumped on her assignment! It's kind of neat! After I explained what they were looking for, she didn't have trouble! Riley started reading Ellen Tebbits for her free reading.

Austin started Rod and Staff English, 4th grade. Today's lesson was just an introduction (actually I combined the first 2 lessons) and a review of last year. Tomorrow will be the first lesson where he has a written assignment to go with it. Math went well... he only missed two. Still he was very upset. :( His reading workbook page had him completely stumped. He was to read a story, and then answer questions such as "How does the author let you know that the Professor is untidy?" Totally threw him for a curve. But that's good! That's what I was hoping to find in a reading program for him! He doesn't intuitively get that when you read "The professor absentmindedly tossed his jacket on the floor" that means he is untidy. Or you can deduce from reading "Mack asked the professor with a yawn if they could try a different project" that is means that Mack is bored. Those aren't the actual sentences word-for-word, but you can get the gist of it! Austin started reading "The Toothpaste Millionaire" for free reading!

I started a few new things today to help with the organization and flow of our homeschool day, but I'll have to talk about those tomorrow! I started this post hours ago, and forgot that I put it aside when the phone rang! :) It's too late to get into it now!

Friday, August 04, 2006

The end of the first week!

OK, let me say that starting on a Thursday for the first week gets a big thumbs up!! We had 2 great days and now we get a weekend to relax and reflect on our success! And it was a success! We only had reading and math for these two days, so they were short days! But it was a nice way to ease back into things!

Math: Both Riley and Austin did well with their math lessons, and seem to have actually remembered what math is! LOL Reece played with the Funtastic Frogs and the Dominoes for her math.

Reading: Austin and Riley each read a story from their readers! Austin completed 1 of the worksheets from his BJU workbook on his own, and 2 with me. He prefers to read the assigned pages to himself and then discuss it, rather than breaking it up into sections! Go figure! Riley read her story to herself one day then read a section aloud to me the next day. The first day she followed me around telling me what happened in the story! :) Reece didn't have a reading lesson this week.

Next week I'm going to add grammar for each of the big kids, and their reading list time. They each chose the first reading list book to read, so they will be all set. I really want to work with Reece next week, too.

I was planning to start Adventures in MFW next week, but when I got everything out this week, I realized that it's very simplistic. I am unsure what to do. So I'm going to hold off a week, or more if needed, and figure it out. I don't know if I will try to add more depth to the lessons of Adventures, or more written work, or exactly what. I'm discouraged, but I'm not going to let it ruin anything! I don't have to start history and science next week...I have another week or so to figure it out!

And also next week, we'll have our first fun Friday with geography and games and something outdoorsy to do (maybe the pool!).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Our family library!

I'm done!! Boy, that was alot of work! And as I type this the kids are playing "library" and taking books off the bookshelves! LOL Oh well! Now I will know what a librarian feels like!

The brown bookcase on the left now contains my reference books, and our Spanish curriculum (on the top shelf). Then all of our fiction in alphabetical order, on the 2nd through 4th shelves. At the end of the 4th shelf are all of the holiday oriented books, in the order they come in the year. On the 5th shelf are the easy readers in a rubbermaid tub (want to get IKEA baskets for them!), and some paper and stuff. On the bottom shelf are the rice box and the bean box.

The middle bookcase is pretty much the same as it was before... history in order of year, Year 1 on the top, and on down. On the 5th shelf now are our active books for this school year. The bottom shelf still has CDs and the CD/Tape player box.

The new bookcase (on the far right) has other school materials. On the top shelf is Language Arts. The 2nd shelf is math and critical thinking. The 2 white baskets contain the kids' free reading books for this year. The 3rd shelf is art and math on the left, and the Sonlight PreK books on the right for whenever Reece is ready for them. The 4th shelf contains history reference books and a container of the Bob books. The 5th shelf is science. The bottom shelf is general reference (dictionaries, thesaurus, DK eyewitness books that didn't fit into another category), and the MUS blocks.

I'm wiped out, but feel accomplished! :)

Notebook Covers

This is Reece's binder cover (I don't have the binder yet though! Oops!). She drew the family, and the sun, and grass... which is the current picture she draws. She added the gray rainbow over to the left this time, and the red things on the corner which I think are supposed to be frames? She did her name twice! :)

Here's Riley's cover! She's such a great little artist! She wrote her first and last name in cursive, but it didn't photograph well! There is a kitty and a bunny at the bottom, and a bird flying in the air!

Here is Austin's. He is really not big on drawing! This is him working on an engine in a car! He wrote his name in printing. I think I'm going to give up on cursive with him! LOL

The First Day 2006-2007

I present to you the Black Pearl Academy

2nd grade:
and, 4th grade:
The Black Pearl Academy Student Body:

We had a very nice morning! The kids were up before 7 on their own, quite excited! We did math and reading, and the kids decorated their binder covers! Then the girls used the easel, which they had been bugging me to since I put it up! :) I'm working on getting the rest of the books in the kids' rooms onto the bookcases in my room! It's going to look so great when it's finished! I'll blog later with pics, if I get finished!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tomorrow's the big day!

Our first day of school is tomorrow! I'm not as prepared as I usually am for the first day, but I still think everything will work out just fine! The kids picked out their new school folders today, and I put the assignment sheets in them! We'll have powdered sugar donuts for breakfast and then get started! :) We're only doing math and reading, and they will decorate the covers for their school binders! Short and sweet!

I will post pictures tomorrow afternoon of the "First Day of School" at the Black Pearl Academy 2006-2007!