Thursday, December 07, 2006

Support group meetings

Tonight was our county's autism support group meeting, and Riley's first sibling support group. This was my 3rd time to attend this support group, and I have to say that the 3rd time might be the charm! It was a holiday social, and I sat and spoke with 3 of the nicest people. We briefly went through our 'stories' and chuckled at similar experiences! There was information presented about the summer camps offered by the group, and I would like to sign Austin up for one or more of them. They showed a DVD from last summer's camps and they looked like alot of fun! I'm not sure Reece would be ready for something like that, but they don't register until March, so I have time to decide.

Riley attended her first sibling support group meeting, and they had a holiday party as well! She was the only girl, which was frustrating because the lady I spoke to about the meetings said it was mostly girls! Oh well, Riley still enjoyed herself! She even won the 'Star' Cupcake for being so well-behaved and helpful! The college student who facilitates the group has a brother with autism, and I think that makes such a big difference. Also, the teenage girl who helps out also has a brother with autism. This is exactly what I was looking for for Riley! Riley wants to go back next month! :)

I signed Austin and Reece up for a sort of mini-camp beginning in January, which is basically fun, age-appropriate activities during the monthly support group meeting. It was $20 per child for the remaining 3 months the support group meets. (The fee is to pay for the trained staff.)This will also free up Russ to attend the support group with me, if he desires. Riley will continue to attend the sibling group.

I'm really glad we went, in spite of this frigid weather that blew in today!

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