Thursday, December 21, 2006

Studies in different cultures?

Here at the Black Pearl Academy, we strive to not only study different cultures, but to try to put our studies into practice! See below how we are sitting in a traditional Japanese style:

Ok, Ok, before I offend any Japanese readers, I'd better stop! Here's the real deal: last week after supper, Riley cried out that the kitchen table was falling over. We bought it used, sight unseen, from a yard sale earlier this year. It has never been sturdy, but my dad and my dh have worked hard to reinforce it whenever it got too wobbly. I assumed when Riley called out, she meant it was really wobbly. Nope! She meant what she said... the table was falling! The wood at the base of the pedestals had splintered, and the table was falling. It's a heavy table, so I'm glad Riley wasn't hurt. However, replacing said table a week before Christmas isn't so much fun! My friends encouraged me to blog about it, since we moved the coffee table into the kitchen for the kids at least to eat from! One day, I'm sure, I will laugh about all of this! ;)

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