Friday, December 01, 2006

Fun Friday 12/1

Wow, cannot believe it's December 1st already! :)

Today we put the FUN in Fun Friday! Our plans to go to the zoo got scrapped by the icky weather and the fact that Riley has a sleepover party to go to tonight. I had intended for us to go to an indoor inflatable place, but decided this morning to find something different than the one we go to at the mall. I located a place I thought would be good, printed off a coupon for said location, and we loaded up.

Arrived at the inflatable place only to find out it wasn't opening for another 90 minutes due to an emergency. But my kids did not freak out! I was so proud of them, I offered to take them to lunch! :) So we did a quick lunch (not too heavy as to interfere with bouncing), and then we went to Walmart to kill some time.

This inflatable place was fantastic!! We had the place to ourselves, except for one mom and a toddler! :) The kids had a blast playing with the little guy, and I talked to him mom for awhile. It turns out that her pediatrician had just mentioned to her recently that her little guy might have some form of autism. Some of what she described to me did sound somewhat familiar. I encouraged her to contact Babies Can't Wait and get him evaluated. It's free, and if there is nothing going on, then she will know and can move on. If there is something going on, early intervention is a great thing! She asked for my email address to keep in contact with me, and she also wanted to have my kids play with her little boy again at the inflatable place! LOL She commented that my kids were some of the nicest bigger kids she has ever come across! :)

I'll try to post some pictures later on that I took of the kids bouncing and sliding!

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