Tuesday, November 21, 2006

X marks the spot!

Today, I earned a bit of admiration and respect from Riley, which is honestly not the easiest thing to come by! Today I began her lessons in cross-stitching! She has longed for a mother with some artistic flair, a mother who could teach her to knit scarves and sweaters or sew dresses and blankets, even a mother who could identify the flowering plants and trees in our backyard! Alas, she got a mother whose only true skill is the ability to find patterns in numbers and who thinks taking a course on tax preparation sounds like alot of fun! :)

Here is her first completed X! The ones you see above it (closer to her) are the ones I did while I was teaching her!
She is concentrating very hard and really seems to enjoy it! :) She took to it very quickly, as she does most things! Maybe I'll get a new cross-stitch kit and we'll work on something cool side by side! :)


Sadie said...

Ahhhh, :)

You should teach some other kids how to cross-stitch too. DMC even has a free mentors kit - it comes with enough for you and 3 other people.

The Glasers said...

One thing you will find out about homeschooling is how much YOU will grow because of your children. I had NO interest in history, but my son's love of history caused me to be a fan. I had NO ability in art, but my daughter taught herself to draw ala Blues Clues. So, I bought to drawing books and can now draw beyond stick figures! I have always been able to do cross-stitch and other forms of needlework. Right now, my daughter has been doing candlewicking based upon her drawings. I have pictures of her red bird, piggie, and kitty are posted on a webpage about her:


Lisa said...

I actually got the DMC mentor kit. It's very cool. Maybe if you got it, you could use it with Riley and her friend in the neighborhood and maybe some other kids. I used to cross-stitch a lot, but not since Emily was born. I was hoping to get back into it, and at least teach her. I have a half-done family tree sampler on linen that I should finish.