Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's not supposed to be this hard?

I am watching the RDI DVD and I am just not believing my eyes! First, let me say a special thank you to my online friend Pam who so graciously sent this very expensive DVD to me to borrow free of charge! I'm only about a 1/3 of the way through it and I am already so impressed I can't stand it! I have read the foundational books that RDI is based upon, but seeing it in action is just amazing!

One thing that keeps striking me is how smoothly and easily the child and parent interact with each other! And how the child seems so relaxed and ready to have fun! There is so much that is wonderful to experience in the world and so often my kids who have the ASDs are too anxious to even realize it! One before/after video really hit home with me: in the before the mom was trying to engage the child and the child was smearing his spit on the two-way mirror. On Thursday when Reece had been asked to sit out of ballet, she spent the remaining time smearing her spit into the mirror. She didn't even care that she was missing the class. She didn't even seem to realize that anything had happened. The after portion of the video showed the dad and child playing a game together where the child had to look at the parent for non-verbal instruction before doing his part, and together they came to an understanding on when the action could happen, and then the last step was them doing it together. They were having SO much fun and they looked at each other with such engagement! Excuse me while I pout here a moment: I WANT THAT!!!! ::stomping and sticking my lower lip out::

My kids are smart and they talk well (Reece does now anyway, when she wants to lol) and they are overall really great kids! But Austin progressively becomes more anxious and controlling of his world so as to avoid anything 'different' and 'unexpected'. And Reece seems to be quickly following the same pattern. And I find myself working my butt off trying to keep their world controlled and 'same'. But that is nearly impossible, so when faced with the unexpected and different, they melt down. It's just not supposed to be this hard, and I see it now! It's been such a part of our everyday life forever, that I didn't fully appreciate how life is meant to be.

Well, I'll keep posting more about about the DVD as I continue to watch it... and Russ and I are going to be watching it together next week as well! I am so excited for him to see this stuff now! :)


Lisa said...

I'm so glad there are techniques you think will work for you! I think you'll like this book I am reading about social skills also. I see your descriptions of your kids in every page so far, and I am only on Chapter 2.

Niffercoo said...

Lisa, I have already put that book on hold after seeing it on your 'current reads' list! It's been recommended on other suggested reading lists that I've seen, so it's good to know that you think it will be applicable in my situation! I should have it from the library in a couple of days! :)