Friday, November 03, 2006

A great pic and a sick mom

Here is Reece's picture from preschool! They had a professional photographer come in at the beginning of October to do individual pictures! I wasn't holding out much hope because Reece is notoriously hard to get a good picture of, and her class has outdoor playtime first thing in the morning so I was sure her hair would be a complete mess by picture time! But look!! Isn't it a great picture?? I can't believe they got her to stand by a tree, sort of look at the camera, and smile! :) It's my favorite picture of her ever!!

Now on to the not so good stuff: I am still sick. This is so disappointing. I've had to modify Fun Friday today to exclude anything that requires me to use my voice. I am so congested, and my throat is so scratchy. I sound terrible. I was thinking of taking the kids to a new museum here in our county today, but I guess that will have to wait for another Friday.

Let's see, any other BPA news? Oh yeah...I handed out report cards on Wednesday for the first time! It went pretty well. The kids compared, somewhat, but it wasn't too bad. They asked for report cards, or I wouldn't be doing it at all! LOL Silly kids!
The kids are struggling a bit in their attitudes, but I am chalking that up to 3 weeks in a row where someone has been sick. I am aching to get back into our regular routine and good habits! We have been accomplishing the bare basics (grammar, math, reading, writing) these last 3 weeks, but the rest has been hit or miss. We had History Day last Friday where we got caught up on our history reading, but again this week that's been pushed aside. Hard for me to read History when I have no voice! LOL (This is when using SOTW would be handy, because I could pop in a CD! LOL) Science, too, has been pushed aside while I await our science book I purchased off ebay. Latin is going well because of the CD and flashcards. I am just ready to be feeling better for more than a few days at a time!!! WAH!
Ok, enough whining or I'll be forced to make myself walk the plank! ;) Have a lovely weekend, and Keep to the Code! :)

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Jan said...

That is a great picture!
Hope you feel better soon!!!!!