Thursday, November 30, 2006

A good day for Reece

I had to call Reece's facilitator after preschool today to share what Reece did on the way out to the car. Almost as soon as we got out the door of the preschool, she started telling me about M and C (2 boys in her class) and that they were arguing with each other. It was such a neat thing! She never ever talks about preschool, and definitely doesn't talk about the other children. In fact, when we see the other children also walking out, she doesn't even acknowledge them. I was so excited that she shared with me her experiences at preschool! I was even more excited when Miss Amie told me that the episode had indeed happened! And to make it even better, the boys were arguing right next to where Reece was sitting, and they were being a little physical, but she didn't let it bother her! Miss Amie said she was waiting closeby to see if Reece was going to get upset, but she never did! :) She said Reece has had a great week this week!

Reece did much better at ballet this afternoon as well! She went right in (had a little trouble in the line when she wasn't line leader) and she participated better than she ever has! She was distressed once by some loud music and singing but she just put her hands over her ears and kept moving! That's a good improvement!

All in all, she's had a really good day!

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Jan said...

Hip Hip hooray!!!! Such a wonderful day!