Friday, November 10, 2006

5 years of Book It

For the 5 years that we've been homeschooling, we have gone to Pizza Hut for Book It with my friend H's family! Back in my pre-homeschooling days, H homeschooled her son while Austin went to preschool and then Kindergarten. I honestly thought H must have chosen to do it because she couldn't get her son into preschool. They moved the same summer we bought our house, and it was hard to find a preschool that time of year. It would turn out that she would be my inspiration 2 years later to homeschool after a terrible experience in the public schools! Here are the kids during the first year we went to Pizza Hut for Book It, November 2002!

Here we are this year! We arranged everyone by age, so my Austin is the first one (he's third from the left on the top). Riley is the 3rd one in the picture below (she's the 2nd from the left in the above picture). The two little girls were sling babies when the 2002 picture was taken (Reece is 6th from the left in this picture below), and the little guy at the end was not even a thought yet!

My word, how everyone has grown so much! I know I talk about how fast everyone is growing up, but this is just picture perfect evidence! Five short years ago, these kids were so little and look at them now! It's amazing! We can't even fit everyone on the bench anymore! LOL

We had a wonderful time, as we always do, and afterward we went to the park to play and explore. It's near 80 day! What a way to spend Fun Friday! :)

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