Saturday, November 25, 2006

3 drawings

Reece absolutely loves to draw! I have to give at least part of the credit to Riley, because I am not artsy, and Austin is not artsy. But Riley is artsy, and Reece has grown up watching Riley draw her wonderful pictures!

However, there has been a problem this last 6-9 months or so. Reece has drawn this same picture over and over. It's called "perseveration" in autism terms. Here is a scan of the picture, which I literally have hundreds of. The colors don't change. The order of the people don't change. She would draw 5-10 of these a day (I believe this one she drew at preschool):
Yesterday, my dh took the kids down to visit his mother while I worked on getting things cleared out of the kids' rooms for donating or giving away or throwing away! We just had to make room for the upcoming onslaught of Christmas toys! They were gone nearly all day long, but they were all very wound up! And in this time, Reece drew me the following 3 pictures, one after the other:

This one (above) is a picture of our van in the middle and all 5 of us in the van. I'm driving! If you look closely at the front of our van you will see the ray of light coming out from the headlight. That's because this is a drawing of driving home in the dark, in the rain. See the dots of rain and the dark rain clouds? Also, note the crescent moon! The 2 other vehicles were added after Reece showed me the picture the first time. She said she wanted to add other cars driving. Isn't it so cool?!

This picture (above) is Reece with her flower that she is growing in a pot. She told me that we were out of light blue, so she had to use dark blue and make it look light. Also, she made sure that I noticed that the flower that is drawn on the pot is the same flower that is growing in the pot! In the corners you can see what look like little 'framers'.

And this last picture (above again) is a picture of the flower before it went into the pot. You'll notice the dirt is brown and the grass is on top of it. Notice the black dot at the bottom of the stem? That is the seed! She told me she planted the seed in the ground and the flower grew up from the seed to make the flower. I asked her what flowers needed to grow and she said, "Sunshine and the rain!" Smart girl!

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I am utterly tickled about these pictures! She put such thought into each one! Her brain, for however long it lasts, isn't stuck on the same picture! This alone gives me a very big reason to be Thankful! :)


The Glasers said...

My 17 yo autie perseverates with making lists (it was video titles, it is now dates/calendars). I see it as practicing penmanship! In the case of her drawing, she went through phases of only drawing Mickey Mouse hands because she was trying to achieve a certain effect. She has done the same thing with bird feet and other animal body parts. So, I looked at it as attempts to master a certain drawing technique.

Reece's drawings are wonderful. The only thing my daughter could do at that age was scribble! Reece might have art in her future!


Lisa said...

What wonderful pictures! The thought she put into them is awesome. And I am so pleased for you as she progresses!

Jan said...

Those are fantastic!!!!