Friday, October 13, 2006

Fun Friday 10/13

We had a more 'normal' Fun Friday today! The kids each did some work in their geography workbooks, and did some reading. Reece had a reading lesson. We played math games (Snap it Up/Hot Dots money), and did some thinking games (VPSB/Rush Hour).

After a fairly early lunch, we bundled up:

and went to the park! We have been going to this park for about 9 years, and we call it the "train park" because it's located across from a very busy train track. When you hear a train sound and the signal goes down, everyone from the park RUNS to see the train and wave to the engineer! It's great fun!

The kids played on the tire swing, ran around on the playground equipment, and enjoyed the sounds and sights of TWO trains passing by! They made new friends of a couple of families who happened to be at the park on this chilly fall day!

It was a nice fall Fun Friday! :)

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