Friday, September 08, 2006

TGIF 9/8

Oh, it's a gorgeous day outside in metro Atlanta today! It's 79 degrees right now at 1 PM (57% humidity so my fingers are a bit swollen lol but oh well!). The kids are playing outside having a wonderful time! They're in the backyard that is freshly mowed!

Today was Fun Friday... and we did our geography, reading, and math games. I chose Sorry! for our board game and the 4 of us played together! I read aloud from Ginger Pye while we had lunch! It's hard for me to want to call them back in to watch Spanish, since it's the first really lovely day we've had in a long time. So we'll just watch Spanish another time.

Austin's first ball game of the season is in a few hours, so they will come in for rest time at some point! But, wow, what a beautiful day it is!

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