Friday, September 15, 2006

TGIF 9/15

Fun Friday took on a little bit of a different flavor today. We slept in this morning, since nobody was in bed before 10 last night due to a baseball game. We had alot of housekeeping to catch up on, so we knocked that out of the way first! I had picked up a few things on Mom's Night Out so I gave those to the kids this morning. Austin got a Learn to Juggle kit, Riley got a Card Making kit, and Reece got a princess coloring book. (Borders has some really good bargain items!) They played with those while I finished up the dishes, and then the girls and I played with a new game called Square by Square. Austin worked on his VPSB exersizes, and then we all played Uno. Spanish will again be put aside in favor of a lovely fall day! There will be plenty of icky winter weather in which to learn Spanish later! :)

In other school-related news:

Wednesday we took our first field trip of the school year to the Aquarium. This was our first time by ourselves! We usually go with at least one other family! The weather was dreadful that day, and I wasn't sure we would brave it, but we did! The aquarium was not very crowded as a result, and we spent a leisurely 4.5 hours there!

Yesterday Austin had his first chapter test for Rod and Staff Grammar. He got a dismal 64%. I went over the errors with him after the grading was done, and he seemed to understand what he got wrong. He kept saying, "I got all confused!" This was his first ever grammar test, and really his first exposure to heavy-duty grammar. I probably should be happy that he got more than half correct! Anyway, we are going to move slowly forward, while reviewing what he struggles with along the way. I've also decided that we'll shoot for completing this book in 2 years rather than one. I'd rather he learn the material well!

It seems we had quite a test day yesterday... Austin had a math test and scored a 98%, and Riley got a 100% on her spelling test. She took her first math test last week and scored a 94%. I'm not sure if I posted that or not! She's doing really well with her work!

Latin is going well! The kids have learned their first 5 vocabulary words, so next week we'll move on to lesson 2. I did have Riley complete the writing assignments in the workbook, and she had no trouble with them. I was unsure if I would require that of her, but I'm glad to see that she can handle it!

Reece got a good report from her facilitator on Thursday! Her behavior is getting better (except for chapel apparently lol), and she initiated an interaction with a little girl in her class on Thursday! She just LOVES to go, which makes it very nice for all of us!

I guess that's about it! We have one more week of school before vacation! Next Tuesday is Talk Like a Pirate Day, so this weekend I have to go pick up all of our pirate books from the library! We'll also be watching POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl in honor of the day! :)

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