Thursday, September 07, 2006


That's "Hello" in Latin (if you're addressing more than one person! It would be Salve if you're addressing one person. Since I know there are at least 3 of you who read this blog, I can use Salvete! LOL)!

We started Latin today while Reece was at preschool! We're using Prima Latina, and the first lesson teaches us how to say hello, how to pronounce the Latin vowels (which are the same as the spanish vowels so we're ahead of the game there!), and it introduces 5 vocabulary words and derivatives, as well as an opening to prayer.

Today we looked over the vocabulary words (I had written on note cards for them), and they wrote the definition on the back. Austin also had to write a derivative, definition, and part of speech (if any were given) on the back of his cards. We went over the words with the audio CD, and that was our first day of Latin! We're going to continue Lesson 1 next week! But since Reece was gone at preschool, I felt like this was a good day to introduce something new!

I do have to admit to being surprised that one of the first vocabulary words is "toga"! Hmmm, my kind of Latin program! ;)