Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 5 years ago

We've been trying to keep busy today, but I can't help thinking about what I was doing 5 years ago today.

Austin was in Kindergarten, Riley was at preschool, and I was pregnant with Reece. My friend Kristi (who was due with her son in a few weeks) and I decided to meet for a breakfast alone at IHOP. I never turned on the TV on 'school mornings' so I had absolutely no idea anything was going on. I even listened to a tape in the car, so I didn't hear the news on the radio. While I was waiting for Kristi to come to IHOP, I kept overhearing people talk about it. It was so confusing, though, because nobody knew what was going on.

Kristi and I ate our breakfast, and talked about going to get our Kindergarteners (her oldest is the same age as Austin and they were at the same school). We both decided not to interrupt the day of such young children who wouldn't understand.
I called my husband on the way to pick up Riley, and he asked me if I was going to pick up Austin as well. I told him no. I wonder if he thought I was nuts! (Reflecting here for a moment... I feel like such a different mom now. If that same thing were going on today I would have gotten him in a minute. Can you believe I sent him to school the day his baby sister came home from the hospital? I didn't want him to miss a moment. @@ OK, back on topic!)

My husband and I watched the news that afternoon, evening, and the days that followed. I was most concerned because I have a friend who lives on Long Island, and her husband works in the city, but I didn't know where. I couldn't get ahold of her, and finally called her on her cell phone even though I knew she was at work. She's a high school teacher, and they were having to hold many children at school because their parents couldn't get back to Long Island. But she and all of her family were safe!

We kept the news off when the kids were around. They were so little... 5 and 2.5! Austin had such a soft heart, even back then. I was afraid it would frighten him and make him feel insecure. I've been letting Austin watch the news now talking about what happened that day. We talk about it in detail! Riley hasn't asked any questions, but I would certainly be honest with her.

I won't ever forget 9-11. Ever.

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