Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More about preschool

The day started yesterday with Reece waking me up at 6:30 saying, "Is it my preschool day today?" and I said yes it was. She then said, "Then why you sleeping??" :) Oh perhaps because you don't have to be at preschool for another three HOURS?? LOL

There isn't very much more to say since I didn't get any updates from the teachers other than her enjoying the art center and playing outside (which were a given!). She told me last night that one of the children cried, and that she cried because the other child was crying. I bet the noise bothered her! I'm hoping to get more details from the teachers after tomorrow!

This picture to the left is of the kids all walking up the hill to the preschool entrance! Riley had to wear her new dress, too! Austin's up ahead in a white tshirt and denim shorts. The one at the top is Reece next to her hook for her backpack!

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