Friday, August 25, 2006

TGIF 8/25

I think it's safe to say that this week wiped ALL of us out this time! LOL I had decided to let the children sleep in this morning, but at 9 AM I finally woke them up! :) We did our geography lessons, memory work folders, and an abbreviated game time... then we headed to the mall to play at the indoor inflatable place! Then we ran a few errands before coming home for rest time!

The games played today were:
Chutes and Ladders (Reece did NOT enjoy this one... the pictures of the kids doing naughty things really bothered her!)
Hi Ho Cherry-O (She asked to play this one after C&L because she was so distressed lol)
Connect Four (Austin)
Guess Who? (Riley)

Next week we're adding Typing for Austin, and science (though I'm struggling with it!). We have a really busy week though, outside the house. A dentist visit on Monday and Reece's preschool orientation on Thursday will totally wipe our mornings! We'll add Latin and Spanish after Labor Day, and that will make a full schedule! :)

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