Friday, August 18, 2006

TGIF 8/18

Well, this week is over now, too! I am completely wiped out! LOL Which I guess is a good thing!

Today was Fun Friday and the kids chose the following games:

Math Game- Making Change game
Thinking Game- Shape by Shape (tangram game)
Board Game - Life

Board Game - Hi Ho Cherry-O
She filled all the little Life cars with blue and pink pegs, so she's got fine motor practice done!

Math Game- Snap It Up Multiplication
Thinking Game- Visual Perceptual Skill Building 2
Board Game - Battleship

We also did geography lessons, and had another art lesson on Lines. And they read from their Reading List selections. Fun Friday is hard work! We didn't go anywhere for 'nature study' today because I'm too tired! We may try to get over to the pool next week one afternoon, before it closes!

I need to relate a funny story about Riley! Austin and I invited her to play Snap It Up with us during the last round. (I am really working with Austin to play games with her and with other children in general). Nobody really knows the multiplication facts yet, so I was telling them which combinations to look for. We were doing "48" so I told them it would be 6x8. Riley hollered out that she had it... and she laid down a 6 and a 5 and a 3. I told her she needed an 8. She said "I have an 8... you have to add the 5 and the 3 together first, that makes 8. Then you times the 6. 48!" What a smart girl isn't she??? Unfortunately, the rules indicate that you can only use 2 factors, so she didn't win... but that was really clever! :)

So that's our Fun Friday report... I need to go collapse! lol

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Sadie said...

Hey, I just came across this site... It's kind of like a hunt and a scavengar hunt rolled into one... check and see if any of them are close to you for your nature-Fridays. :) I saw it in Family Fun and it looked really cool to do with the kids!