Friday, August 11, 2006

TGIF 8/11

The week has drawn to a close, and I won't deny that I am grateful! But we had a fun day today!

This morning was the first of our 'Fun Fridays'. On Friday, no matter what else has gone on during the week, we will be playing games (math games and thinking games), doing a few pages out of a geography workbook, reading, and doing some sort of nature study. We'll also have an art lesson, and if there are any crafts for Spanish we'll do them then. This is what it looked like today:

Math games:
Austin - Hot Dots flash cards (time/money)
Riley and Reece (and mom) - Sum Swamp

Thinking Games:
Austin - Visual Perceptual Skill Building 2 (didn't give him a choice on this one - he needs to do it)
Riley - Rush Hour
Reece- Candyland (hey, it's a thinking game for a 4 year old lol)

Austin and I played Checkers too, because he was sad he didn't get to play a board game with me (the girls all played Candyland and Sum Swamp together)!

Our art lesson (from How to Teach Art to Children) was the first lesson on Lines. I did the lesson on the white board on the easel and it brought back memories of teaching school! I had a white board in my classroom, not a chalkboard! :) It took all of 10 minutes, and now I can say we really did art this year, at least once!

For Nature Study we went to the pool! OK, it's not exactly what Charlotte Mason had in mind I'm sure, but it's the last weekday the public pool is open, and the little pool in the next town over is only $2 per person! (Also it's too dang hot to be out in nature in August!) We had a fantastic time! Stayed 4 hours and now we're all sunburnt and wiped out! And we saw 2 birds, a squirrel, and lots of ants! So it is nature study! We also tied in our earlier geography lesson by discussing if the pool is a natural resource or a manmade resource! ROFL

So our school week is over! I'm glad! LOL But I'm also somewhat looking forward to next week! Sort of! :)

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Tricia O said...

Jennifer, I love this idea! I'm going to have to consider this!