Thursday, August 03, 2006

Our family library!

I'm done!! Boy, that was alot of work! And as I type this the kids are playing "library" and taking books off the bookshelves! LOL Oh well! Now I will know what a librarian feels like!

The brown bookcase on the left now contains my reference books, and our Spanish curriculum (on the top shelf). Then all of our fiction in alphabetical order, on the 2nd through 4th shelves. At the end of the 4th shelf are all of the holiday oriented books, in the order they come in the year. On the 5th shelf are the easy readers in a rubbermaid tub (want to get IKEA baskets for them!), and some paper and stuff. On the bottom shelf are the rice box and the bean box.

The middle bookcase is pretty much the same as it was before... history in order of year, Year 1 on the top, and on down. On the 5th shelf now are our active books for this school year. The bottom shelf still has CDs and the CD/Tape player box.

The new bookcase (on the far right) has other school materials. On the top shelf is Language Arts. The 2nd shelf is math and critical thinking. The 2 white baskets contain the kids' free reading books for this year. The 3rd shelf is art and math on the left, and the Sonlight PreK books on the right for whenever Reece is ready for them. The 4th shelf contains history reference books and a container of the Bob books. The 5th shelf is science. The bottom shelf is general reference (dictionaries, thesaurus, DK eyewitness books that didn't fit into another category), and the MUS blocks.

I'm wiped out, but feel accomplished! :)


cinnamon said...

Excellent job! Isn't that a great feeling of accomplishment. :)

And I am impatiently waiting for an Ikea in my corner of this country!

LisaQuing said...

You have a LOT OF STUFF!! LOL You've done a great job organizing!