Thursday, August 31, 2006


Reece had orientation at preschool today, and it went very well! Her lead teacher is the same one from last year, and the assistant teacher taught her during VBS this past summer! So the new face in the crowd was her facilitator. I had no part in hiring the facilitator, and didn't really feel like I should try to, because the school is picking up most of the cost. Her name is Miss Amy and she seems very, very nice! She came over and introduced herself right away, and asked if it was alright if she calls me over the weekend so we can discuss Reece and my expectations more personally. The school has given her their expectations and needs, and she was interested in knowing more about Reece from my perspective! That impressed me right away! There are 11 children in the class total, and 3 teachers. Miss Amy will be there mostly for Reece, but she will be interacting with the rest of the children in her job as helping Reece become a participant in the classroom!

One thing that started back up today was Reece starting a 'collection' and then not wanting anyone near her or her collection. It was buttons today. So I think we'll send in a few things Reece can have for herself (thinking porcupine balls, special buttons, her little unicorns), but she has to understand that things that belong to the classroom belong to ALL of her friends. We helped her (Miss Amy and I) to share some of the buttons with another girl, and the girl reciprocated. Reece talked about that later on in the day, how she shared and the girl shared with her, and could the little girl come back to her preschool class next time! LOL

As far as the ages of the kids, 2 of the children will be turning 4 next week, so they are only 6 months younger than Reece! And she didn't look huge compared to them! She was quite a bit bigger than some of the other children, but I think it will all work out. I'm not sure how to handle if we should tell parents that Reece is older, and why Miss Amy is in the room, too. I'm not sure if the parent will ask, but I probably would have been wondering why there was a 3rd teacher in there if I didn't know! LOL

Anyway, I'm looking forward to talking with Miss Amy this weekend and getting to know her better as the school year progresses! And I'm glad to know that Reece is in the good hands of teachers who are familiar with her!

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