Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In today's mail...

I got the report from the autism doctor today in the mail. I didn't rush to open it, because I wasn't in the mood. But boy was I surprised by the following recommendation:

"Often children with Asperger's Syndrome experience a great deal of anxiety which can be manifested by non-compliance, distractability, hyperactivity, and tantrums. Stimulants can be helpful to address distractability and hyperactivity, but often can increase anxiety. A very structured school and home program with a lot of preparation for transition and changes has been successful in helping to reduce anxiety in children like Austin. Austin seems to be doing very well with his homeschool program and we recommend that he continue in this program."

Excuse me... could someone pick me up off the floor please?!?!

::dances away doing the happy pirate boogie!::