Friday, August 04, 2006

The end of the first week!

OK, let me say that starting on a Thursday for the first week gets a big thumbs up!! We had 2 great days and now we get a weekend to relax and reflect on our success! And it was a success! We only had reading and math for these two days, so they were short days! But it was a nice way to ease back into things!

Math: Both Riley and Austin did well with their math lessons, and seem to have actually remembered what math is! LOL Reece played with the Funtastic Frogs and the Dominoes for her math.

Reading: Austin and Riley each read a story from their readers! Austin completed 1 of the worksheets from his BJU workbook on his own, and 2 with me. He prefers to read the assigned pages to himself and then discuss it, rather than breaking it up into sections! Go figure! Riley read her story to herself one day then read a section aloud to me the next day. The first day she followed me around telling me what happened in the story! :) Reece didn't have a reading lesson this week.

Next week I'm going to add grammar for each of the big kids, and their reading list time. They each chose the first reading list book to read, so they will be all set. I really want to work with Reece next week, too.

I was planning to start Adventures in MFW next week, but when I got everything out this week, I realized that it's very simplistic. I am unsure what to do. So I'm going to hold off a week, or more if needed, and figure it out. I don't know if I will try to add more depth to the lessons of Adventures, or more written work, or exactly what. I'm discouraged, but I'm not going to let it ruin anything! I don't have to start history and science next week...I have another week or so to figure it out!

And also next week, we'll have our first fun Friday with geography and games and something outdoorsy to do (maybe the pool!).

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Daniel Main said...

I am looking into using different types of manipulatives for teaching our three small children how to do math. We are still learning about homeschooling and are leaning more towards unschooling but we saw these Funtastic Frogs and wanted to find out what people thought of them. The only problem is that we haven't been able to find anybody who uses them. What do you think?