Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Beautiful Ballerina

Today was Reece's first day of fall ballet! She was very excited, and I was a little nervous! I knew this class would be larger, and after the hard time she had with all the noise last night at AWANA, I was concerned. There were 8 in her class altogether, and after comparing birthdays, Reece was found to be the oldest! She did a very good job, and her teacher (also Riley's) is just a gift from God! The other mothers were also quite amazing and unusual... they all went around finding out everyone's name and their child's name! :) I've never met a friendlier bunch of moms! I went ahead and told everyone about Reece and her autism... let's put it this way: nearly all the girls in Reece's class have a baby brother or sister! "BAAAAABBBBEEEEE!!" was heard at least 15 times! :) I figured it was much easier to let them in, than to have them wonder about her behavior! They were very kind about it, and interested, and one mom later came and asked me what were some of the things that made me get Reece evaluated because she is concerned about her 18 month old! It was a very pleasant experience, and I'm glad for it! And Reece enjoyed the class, but was disappointed that they didn't have time for "Dancing in the dark for Jesus!"

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