Thursday, July 27, 2006

Starting school next week!

I've gotten alot done the last few days! I feel like I'm just about ready to tackle 'back to school' next Thursday!

Yesterday I took Riley's math workbook and my Adventures TM to Kinkos to have the spiral bindings removed. I purchased some new binders at Staples, and got those all set up. I also purchased binders for the kids' school work, and just need to set the dividers in them. Just about all of the lesson planning is complete! I made some copies last night of things we'll need for the first week of Adventures.

I also completed the chore charts, and we've been using them this week. So far, so good. Tonight I will try to list what they have to do daily. It doesn't seem like very much, but it's a good start.

Now I have to work on our schedule... exactly how and when we're going to get all this stuff done. Last year, I let them choose the next subject. But that mostly ended up with Austin crying because he couldn't decide, so I'm taking that out of his hands.

I re-read Austin's neuro-psych report, which resulted in a few changes for his schedule this year. I'm going to drop a couple of things and postpone a few others. I'm going to prioritize learning to type this year. I'm trying to not complicate things too much! LOL

I would like to finish getting things for the big kids all set up this week, so I can focus on plans for Reece. If I have a plan for organizing her school box every day, and including her sensory activities, that will be so much easier! :) Anything that I don't have to think about every day is good!

Next week I'll take the kids to buy some new school things and then we'll be ready to get busy!

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