Monday, July 03, 2006

OK, This is what I did!

After tithing off the bonus, and getting Russ some great shirts on clearance at The Gap, the amount left of the bonus was exactly what I needed to pay for My Father's World Adventures! :) I took that as a fairly clear sign! I went ahead and placed my order!

Additionally, I am going to be a little bold and follow the Language Arts recommendations from MFW, that are a little more 'Charlotte Mason-y' than WTM. I won't be selling R&S English 4, just in case I want to use it next year in 5th grade if I don't feel comfortable with the way Austin's performing with MFW Language Arts. But I figure that Charlotte recommends doing Language this way, as does Andrew (the IEW guy!), and Ruth (Beechick!). So we'll give it a shot! Riley will continue to use First Language Lessons for the WTM, because it flows similarly to what MFW recommends!

Also, we won't be starting Latin this year after all, but I'm not going to sell it either. I can always start it next year when Riley is in 3rd grade if we don't stick with MFW. MFW uses English From the Roots Up over 2 years: Greek roots while you're studying Ancient Greece, Roman roots when you're studying Ancient Rome. We will finish our year 2 of Spanish with La Clase Divertida!

MFW includes Bible and Science with their lesson plans, so I won't have to purchase those separately! I am excited to give MFW a try.... those of you who have gone to convention with me know that I have looked it over each year for the last 2-3 years, but the activities scare me away! LOL! Well, I'm just going to have to get in gear with the activities! And with everything coming together in the unit study format, that might really help tie it all in for Austin!

I also have found BJU Reading 4 used from an online friend, so I will be purchasing that, but I think I will use it as a supplement, instead of a main reading program! Maybe we can alternate the BJU stories with real books... and perhaps learning the types of questions BJU asks will help me to be better able to discuss books with Austin and Riley in that same way!

I am excited and nervous at the same time! It's a bit nerve-wracking to move a little further away from WTM/Classical and into a more Charlotte Mason/Whole-heart format! But I think that we're being led in this direction, and I need to at least give it a year to see how it goes!

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