Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Busy Saturday

This is my new Desk Apprentice from Staples. Yes, I realize it's not located on the desk! LOL But this will replace the magazine holders and other chaos I used last year to hold my teacher guides or manuals when I am trying to use them for school! Also it will hold paper, pencils, and pens so they are accessible. Not sure if it's staying in the kitchen or if it will come out on school days!

Here are the pictures of my new bookcases and what I accomplished this afternoon! The new bookcase is the light wood one to the right! It is actually smaller than I thought it was going to be! I picked up the wrong one at IKEA, and it is really better! I can fit one more that size on that wall (in my bedroom) and have a bookcase just for all of our fiction! Currently, each child has one small bookcase or toybox with a bookshelf on it in their room, but we're just totally running out of room, and I'd rather have all the books in a central location.

This bookcase features our history books divided by year (top shelf has Ancient History, next one has middle ages, etc). On the 5th shelf are the science books. The bottom shelf has CDs and CD-roms and a box with CD players and tape players. Also, currently it has some workbooks I need to put on the swap board!

This is the kitchen and I love how it looks. I wish I had a 'before' picture, but there was a white and natural wood microwave cart where the cabinet is and it held games, puzzles, and other assorted junk. It always looked cluttered and terrible. Next to that were 5 plastic drawers filled with math manipulatives, card games, HWT paper, and playdoh. They were huge and bulky and just made the area look crowded. I got rid of a good bit of the math manips that we aren't actively using anymore, and moved some of the others into Reece's school boxes as she is prime age for them now. The playdoh is in a kitchen cabinet, along with a storage box of the card games. The MUS blocks need a new home, but I haven't figured that out yet. The easel was also purchased at IKEA and the girls are itching to use it! I'm being a mean mommy and making them wait for school to actually start! :) It has one side that is a chalk board, the other side is a dry-erase board, and it holds a roll of paper for painting or drawing! They are going to love it! I love the tray to hold paints!

Here is my new cabinet and I'm so excited about it! On the top left you'll see a 3 drawer filing system: that is for the kid's school papers that need to be graded. Yes, I know that Reece doesn't have any of those papers but she likes to pretend. When I saw that 3 drawer one at IKEA I couldn't pass it up! Next to that you'll see our art supplies in a container I got from Staples last week! LOVE IT! Going to see if they have more of these!

Inside the cabinet on the first shelf, on the left, I took the board games out of their boxes, and labeled the boards with my handy-dandy label printer. There were a couple of games you'll notice that didn't do well with that system so they are just on top. On that same shelf to the right are the pieces to the board games, in storage bags also labeled.

On the 2nd shelf, on the left, are the math manipulatives that I use alot: dice, frog counters, dominoes, tangrams. These are in these adorable storage boxes from IKEA (3 for $1.99). On the right are the 2 plastic drawers we used last year for ungraded papers. Now the top one has white or manilla drawing paper, and the bottom one has all the colored construction paper.

The bottom shelf, on the left, has a magazine holder with old magazines that can be used to cut up for collages or for other projects. Then in the middle are some simple puzzles. Finally, on the right, is a storage box of our science supplies.

So that's what I did today! :) It was hard work and I'm wiped out, but I'm so pleased with the results! It just looks so much better now. I had hoped to get the art supplies out of the kitchen cabinets, but I'm just glad I at least got that area cleaned out today! I didn't realize how messy it looked and how much I didn't like it, until I fixed it!

Also, got the chore charts done (in a spreadsheet, of course) so I will share those tomorrow somehow!


Dy said...

Ok, that is just truly a beautiful sight! You're so organized, and have put such wonderful ideas into play. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Not only is it pretty, but it's inspiring!


LisaQuing said...

Wow, Jen!!! That's lovely!

Jan said...

when are you coming over to help me??? LOL!