Friday, July 21, 2006

Less than 2 weeks

Things are going well, with regards to planning and preparing for our new school year! I took my first-ever trip to IKEA last night and came home the proud owner of a new tall bookcase, and a new short bookcase with doors, and an easel for artwork (among other smaller things!). That place was so much fun and I can't wait until my husband can put everything together for me!

Also, I ordered the Desk Apprentice from and that arrived today! Oh it is so cool! It will hold everything and take a bit of the clutter from my kitchen counter. I'm not sure if it will live there, or if I'll take it back into the bedroom each night, but at least I'll have that option!

Subject planning is just about done, and I'm ready to get the assignment sheets prepared, chore charts redesigned, and our daily schedule planned. I also need to get on the library website and place some holds for our 'book basket' books! I also need to double check to see if there are any books that I want to order, that our library doesn't stock.

I also need to purchase our consumable school supplies: binders, printer paper, printer ink. Then I need to take some of our workbooks down to Kinkos and have the spines cut off and the pages 3-hole punched for binders.

Gosh, looking at all of this makes me feel I'm not nearly as ready as I thought I was!

Guess it's time for a master spreadsheet! ;)


Becca said...

Yeah, your list is making me feel pretty un-ready too! I guess I could start by getting the sleeping bag off the classroom floor. I'd love it if you'd post your chore chart. I'm always looking for ways to improve ours. I've not been to the new Atlanta IKEA yet, I can never convince anyone to go when we're in town.

Jan said...

Oh, you are way ahead of me! If you saw how little I've done.. you'd feel soooo good about yourself! LOL!